WP Engine Releases New WooCommerce Solution for Small and Medium Businesses

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Do the Woo - WooCommerce Podcast, Community and News
WP Engine Releases New WooCommerce Solution for Small and Medium Businesses

WP Engine, on the the major players in the WordPress managed hosting space has announced a WooCommerce solution for both first-time shop owners and those looking to scale their stores.

As they join in with others in the industry as they see the more recent move towards selling online that transpired in 2020, this option helps those who want to optimize their sites or, through their quick wizard set-up, get a new site up and running for the first time.

How Does This Help the WooCommerce Builder?

Of course, my question is how does this help the WooCommerce builder?

David Vogelpohl, VP of Growth at WP Engine, explains the benefits

I think WP Engine’s new eCommerce hosting offerings are particularly helpful for freelancers and agencies in a three primary ways. The first of course is the benefits that the WP Engine hosting is providing to freelancers and agencies in general. This includes features like being able to have one user account for your freelancer agency business and manage multiple clients who own their own accounts, as well as a variety of other workflow features particularly designed for the builder. When we get into the eCommerce plan specifically, I think there are two features within those plans that are also helpful for freelancers and agencies.

The first is the site setup experience. The site setup experience in these plans automatically installs WooCommerce, automatically installs the Woo theme as well as a collection of blocks to use when building out a site. This is extremely helpful, certainly for the DIY user, but it’s also helpful for freelancers and agencies looking to get projects done faster at a higher margin and deliver an experience that is built professionally as well as highly aligned with WordPress core and WooCommerce.

The second feature that I think is particularly helpful for freelancers and agencies building sites for others is the elastic search capabilities. The elastic search is added to our eCommerce plans and the WordPress instances automatically. If you use the site set up wizard, it’ll be automatically installed and integrated with the site.

And then if you’re building a site on your own, or if you’re migrating in from another host, you can also use those elastic search capabilities, provided via Elastic Press within the stores you’re building. This of course leads to a better visitor experience on this store. Being able to find products faster, more intuitive search experience, which at the end, ultimately, leads to more sales for the stores you’re building.

Of course, if you can deliver growth to your clients, that’s the best way to get them. To keep coming back to buy more. And  not only does it make it easier for freelancers and agencies to introduce elastic search into an e-commerce store, but our new e-commerce offering is another great way for agencies and freelancers to deliver value to their customers and keep their customers coming back for more.

If you would like to learn more about this service and how it fits into the growing eCommerce space, you can read their blog post here.