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WooSesh Virtual Online Conference for WooCommerce Builders

WooSesh Virtual Online Conference for WooCommerce Builders
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WooSesh is a two-day, free, virtual conference focused on WooCommerce coming Oct 13 and 14, 2020.

A Conference Helping Woo Builders Grow Their Business

Although the broader audience for this conference is any business that has a site built on WooCommerce, they state that the ideal attendees include developers, freelances and agencies who build sites for clients or customers.

Anyone whose business is built on WooCommerce could benefit from WooSesh, but the freelancers, agencies and other developers working with WooCommerce on a daily basis are the target audience. That includes both technical folks writing code, business people working with clients, and designers.

A Woo Lineup of Speakers

The conference brings some of the big talents in the Woo ecosystem, both from WooCommerce.com directly as well as a variety of other individuals.

Recently, I had organizers Patrick Rauland and Brian Richards on the podcast where they shared a lot of great insights into virtual events and ended with a bit of what to expect at WooSesh.

Day one is for everyone. If you use WooCommerce, you want to come to day one. We’re going to have some awesome WooCommerce people, and then a bunch of people from Woo as well as a whole bunch of people who use WooCommerce talking, and you don’t need any credentials. You don’t need to be a developer, or a coder or anything for day one. Day two. I like to make sure the event is deep enough for people who want to be experts. So day two is for people who have the ability to code. We’re going to go a little bit deeper into some things.

Patrick Rauland, Co-Organizer

During the two days you will get 16 speakers, 14 sessions and 1 workshop for free (a $799 value). WooSesh is free with the support from their sponsors WooCommerce, Avalara, Nexcess and Klarna.

You can learn more register for your free ticket at WooSesh.com.

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