WooSesh, a WooCommerce Virtual Conference with Brian Richards and Patrick Rauland

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Do the Woo - WooCommerce Podcast, Community and News
WooSesh, a WooCommerce Virtual Conference with Brian Richards and Patrick Rauland

If you are into WooCommerce, WooSesh is a not-to-be-missed virtual conference. With tracks for everyone, you will get a deep dive into some of the brightest minds in the WooCommerce community.

In episode 25, Brad Williams and BobWP are joined by Brian Richards and Patrick Rauland.

We chat with Brian and Patrick, who are are behind the online conference, WooSesh, coming in October. And we touch on the recent acquisition of Tumblr by Automattic, as the release of WordPress 3.7, and the demise of malls in this world of online shopping.

Brian Richards and Patrick Rauland with WooSesh

Patrick is an eCommerce educator and entrepreneur and Brian is the force behind the site WPSessions. Both of them bring a lot to the table with their second annual WooSesh, coming October 9-10.

We talk more about the benefits you can expect from the conference and how they continue to test the community conversation element. It’s the perfect opportunity to hear some great sessions around WooCommerce. Day 1 is specifically for store builders, in a more general sense, while day 2 is focused more on developers who write code.

And, yes, you get free access during the online conference!

Automattic Acquires Tumblr – A Future eCommerce Platform?

In a post from our friend Brian Krogsgard of Post Status he wrote about the recent acquisition of Tumblr by Automattic. One specific part caught my eye and I had to hear Brad’s, Brian’s and Patrick’s thoughts on this it.

Tumblr is a very browse-heavy platform. The potential for eCommerce on such a platform could be significant. Matt said in chat that he thinks “eCommerce on Tumblr is a great idea.” I can also see a world where Tumblr could be shaped into a primarily mobile product — a more direct (and more privacy-focused) implementation of what Instagram is, with a similar, minimal interface.

Post Status

WooCommerce 3.7

We talk a little about the recent update. The block branding caught Brad’s eye and Patrick was disappointed that they punted the new WooCommerce admin to the next version (for an obvious reason).

eCommerce Crushing Mall Retailers

An article touched on the closing of more brick-and-mortar stores in particular industries due to eCommerce sales. The post had quite a bit of interesting info and Brian found the last graph, eCommerce vs. Mall sales, something worth looking at as it’s obvious there still are some very strong sales. Listen in as we get some perspectives on this that tie well into what the article focused on.

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WordSesh #2 of 2019 – a conference for developers and focused on attendees in the Eastern Hemisphere

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