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WooConf in Austin. Get Your WooCommerce On.

WooConf 2016

In November of 2014,  it was my honor to present a workshop at the first-ever WooConf. It was great fun teaming up with my friend at Woo, Matty who is Chief Product Officer. Our workshop focused on new online store owners and, in the process,  we had a blast.

Photo courtesy via Twitter from Patrick Rauland @BFTrick

The entire conference was amazing. In fact, you can read this post for my take on the entire experience: WooCommerce Conference. It’s About the People.

Well, it’s happening again this year in Austin, April 6-8. And it’s going to be better than ever, although I do wonder how they are going to top the first one.

The sessions are going to be shorter: concise and packed with info. You can see the full agenda here.

And guess what ELSE?

I am lucky enough to be speaking again, amongst some really cool peeps. This time, I’ll be talking about how I built my Online Training Business with WooCommerce. It’s something I started shortly after WooCommerce came out.

If you are a developer or designer who uses WooCommerce, or an online store owner, you must try to make this conference. You will not regret it.

There is so much to learn— for all of us. I’m looking forward to gleaning new ideas and absorbing as much WooCommerce information as I can.

But what I am looking forward to the most are the people. Reconnecting with good friends and colleagues. Giving a hug to people I will probably see for the first time in person. And, of course, the new relationships. No matter the conference or WordCamp, this is always my favorite part.

So if you are planning on going, leave a comment and we will make sure to at least say hi (and, if you are comfortable with it, a hug as well).

If you haven’t snagged your ticket yet, go HERE and use the code: WOOCONFBOBWP to get $100 off your ticket!

See you in Austin!

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