How To Show Customers Shipping Estimates with WooCommerce

There are different situations when you may need to customize the shipping settings of your clients shop. For example. Have you ever ordered something online and discovered the shipping costs were much higher than what showed on your order page? Well, surprises for your clients customers are not a fun thing. After all, those customers may not return and in that case, a customer has been lost.

Enter the simple and free plugin WooCommerce Shipping Estimates.

The settings can be found under WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping > Shipping Options. You will start by choosing the Shipping Estimate Format between days, eg. 2-5 days or a range of dates, eg. December 4 – December 10. Then you set the time span for all shipping zones that you have set up. (You may have other rates set up using other plugins and extensions, such as Table Rate Shipping, but those will not show here.)

Note that if if we leave some fields blank it will then show up to a certain number of days:

shipping estimates for woocommerce settings

If we add a cart to the product, the estimates now appear when Display estimate in days was selected:

shipping estimates in cart

And here it is with Estimate using dates.

estimates in cart as date

So if you want to make sure your clients customers get no surprises on shipping costs, check out this free plugin.

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