Learn How to Sequentially Set WooCommerce Order Numbers

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WooCommerce order numbers are set. They are random and nothing can be added to them. This can be frustrating for many store builders. And even their clients.

As those orders are used, organized, exported or stored, there is no logic behind the sequence. No identifying prefixes or suffixes. And mixed in can be free orders, which you would prefer to be separated out.

This is where the WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro extension comes into play.

What Exactly Does The Sequential Order Numbers Extension Do?

The obvious feature is customization.

You will start with the order number you want, as long as it is higher than any of your existing order numbers.

You will also be able to add a suffix or prefix, which could be the current month, day, year, hour, minute or second.

You can set the length of the number by simply adding zeroes at the beginning of it.

And lastly, any products that you offer as free can be excluded and have a prefix added to them to make them stand out.

Setting Up the Extension

Once activated, you will find the settings under WooCommerce > General.

These are the four options you have. I have set my number high enough and added zeroes in front to pad it so it can still fit as my order numbers grow.

The prefix and suffix can contain any combination of characters or you can use the special values provide in the documentation for date and time. I have set my prefix as my own identifier and the suffix as the month and year.

Lastly, I toggled the Skip Free Orders and I can change the Free Order Identifer if I choose to.

Order Numbers on the Order Page

Now that we have made those changes, you can see here that the numbers have started to take effect. Also, you will notice that the FREE product was skipped and the next order continued sequentially.

This will only start the new numbering system and will not affect any previous order history.

It’s easy to use and set up and I recommend you get the WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro extension and bring some order to the Woo orders.

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