Give Your WooCommerce Site Users A Way to Easily Send You a Product Question

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Customers often have a question about a product. Sure, they can always head over to your contact page. But if you find your products regularly generate questions from customers, make it easier for them to inquire.

We know that additional clicks tend to discourage people from making a purchase. And many times, when they do have a question, they have to bumble through your contact page to find the right place to send it.

The Product Enquiry Form Extension

The Product Enquiry form extensions that does one simple thing and does it well. After installing it, you will find the minimal settings under WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Product Enquiries.

If you want to add ReCaptcha to the form, you can do that here. Also, you can put in a specific email for these questions. It won’t go automatically to the site admin, but instead a person who will be designated to handle them or at least know where best to send them.

You can toggle this on and off for any specific product:

The form will show up in a convenient spot as a tab on your products page:

When the form is submitted, this is what you get. The subject line clearly signifies it as a Product Enquiry, followed by the product, the name and the email of the person, a link to the product and, of course, their message.

Need to More Control and the Ability to Accept Requests for Quotes?

As I said, this does one thing very well. But you may need more features and control. If you are looking for help with product inquiries on your store, as well as giving product custom quotes, you might want to check out this post on here that I wrote.

Otherwise, simply head on over to WooCommerce and buy yourself a copy of the Product Enquiry Form extension.

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