How to Ease Into the WooCommerce Product Builder Ecosystem

Do the Woo - A Podcast for WooCommerce Builders
Do the Woo - A Podcast for WooCommerce Builders
How to Ease Into the WooCommerce Product Builder Ecosystem

I just built a new WooCommerce (plugin, extension, service), how do I get into the space?

This is a question I get a lot. And yes, I have even had hour long conversations around it. There is no one way to answer it, but there are four tips I consistently share with anyone that either is entering the Woo space with their first product, or looking to grow in the WooCommerce ecosystem.


  • Seeking the silver bullet for easing into the Woo builder ecosystem (2:10)
  • Merging into the community (3:00)
  • Four tips I always share in these conversations (4:12)
  • Connecting with like-minded builders (8:46)

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Hey all, BobWP here and we are back with Do the Woo, episode 151. And yes, I am flying solo this time around as the scheduling just works out that way. Busy on this end with juggling stuff for the big brand and site relaunch coming in October. The new lineup with episodes will have one coming your way twice a week, every Tuesday and Thursday. One of the new lineups will start in Oct, the other in January, due to the holiday season coming and a few breaks for some of my co-hosts.

But that isn't why I'm here today. Instead, I wanted to share something that I have been doing for sometime, first in the WordPress space, now through the Woo builder community. Best way to start this is with a question that I get a lot these days.

I just built a new WooCommerce (plugin, extension, service), how do I get into the space?

Even before I started this site, I was asked this question (or some variation of it) over and over and over again. More times than not they are new to the space, and are really asking, no one knows me, how to I make my way into the WooCommerce ecosystem? And since launching this site and talking to dozens of new Woo builders, the question has only become more prevalent.

empathy. empathy. I get it. You have put your heart and soul into this product. Now what?

If you have come to this post for that silver bullet, well, I am sorry to disappoint you. Mainly because no such thing exists. I am not a product marketer, and don't pretend to have some special expertise.

To get your product out into the hands of consumers and store owners takes a certain finesse in marketing. There are strategies galore for doing this. On the site here we have talked with a lot of builders, as well as leadership at the WooCommerce marketplace. I make sure that I add the link to some of the episodes here.

Four Tips I Share Every Time (4:12)

Listen - I know if you have been in the space for awhile, you are sure to agree with me. And what I am about to say is a good, all-around life lesson. And that is, listen. The WordPress, and the smaller WooCommerce ecosystem is made up of a lot of people. But within that group developers, designers, freelancers, agency owners and the rest are a unique breed. And they best way to connect with them is to listen and learn. Go into conversations in Slack, Facebook groups or where you like to hang out. Pay attention to what they are talking about. Look at the conversations they are having with their colleagues. But listen.

Share Your Knowledge - Next, be part of the conversation. Don't drop in and sell. Or actively seek out any opportunity to recommend you product. You chance to do that will all come in due time. Instead share your own ideas, thoughts and expertise. Add value and insights into the chatter. And heck, even have a good time.

Build Those Relationships - Through this conversation you will start to build relationships. You will connect more with like-minded builders and find common ground. It really is the natural transition of growth, both personal and in business. The end result if building trust. Getting to that point where they trust you and you trust them.

Have Patience - This is the largest and most profound thing I can say to you. This will not happen overnight. There is that saying that "all good things come with time" or something like that. Pushing the envelope will not do it. In fact, if you slip into the ecosystem with the right incentive and direction, you are less likely to leave a negative lasting impression with anyone.

Post Status is a site for WordPress businesses. They have a lot of great content and are growing more and more all the time. In fact I promise you on that front.

But where it really happens is in their Slack Channels. It's a lively and informative place to be. Remember when I told you about listening and then joining conversations. You will have no shortage of opportunities on their various channels. Sure, like any discussion platform, you can find yourself going down rabbit holes, but that's is what it is. But I can tell you that as a builder and a new entrant to the WordPress (and yes, WooCommerce) space, you will learn a lot about WP businesses and the ecosystem from some really smart and talented peeps, namely the members. (And yes, those who run Slack, Cory, David, Jonthan and others are pretty smart too).

Oh and remember that story I told you. Well that same business took my advice and landed a very nice opportunity in the Post Status Slack channel. They are on their way.

To wrap this up, I will be honest and say this only touches the surface of where many of these conversations have gone. There is much more to it more times than not, and everyone's situation is different. But it always drills down to those four key points, listen, share your knowledge, build those relationship, and most of all, be patient.

Well that does it for another episode of Do the Woo. I would like to thank our two Pod Friends who make this show possible, 10up with their and Till next time, Do the Woo.