WooBits November 5, 2021

Do the Woo - A WooCommerce Podcast
Do the Woo - A WooCommerce Podcast
WooBits November 5, 2021

WooCommerce Core

WooCommerce Blocks 6.2.0 Release Notes
The newest version of WooCommerce Blocks has been released and an updated Cart Block is the focus. The new version is now able to use Inner Blocks, which means you are no longer constrained with a fixed layout. It is now built with many smaller blocks that gives you control over each one.

In addition, enhancements include a BlockTemplateController that allows you to load and manage block template files as well and improved accessibility for the editor preview of the product search block. And lastly a few bug fixes.

Action Scheduler 3.4.0

In this update you will be able to change how many actions to display per page in the Schedule Action section within the WordPress admin tools. You will also find improved performance that now allows you to filter the "order by" portion of the SQL query that claims actions. There are also changes to the API, Initialization and PHP CS fixed and improvements.

WooCommerce 5.9 RC 2

This minor release is in the second release candidate and is planned for a November 9th final, monthly release. The version is primarily addressing performance improvements and bug fixes.

Facebook For WooCommerce 2.6.6

The big fix that has been anticipated as people dealt with some buggy issue is being addressed. The new feed file generator in the Settings Debug section will be enabled for everyone and removed. The process is all part of the Action Scheduler framework and will now avoid out-of-memory issues.

Another improvement cited is the addition of internal product validation before attempting to synchronize the product to the Facebook catalog. If the code detects any issues it displays the information in the Facebook metabox in the product edit screen.

Other updates include:

  • Improved compatibility with the Gutenberg Checkout BlockImproved ( more concise ) logs format
  • Default variation selection algorithm only selects published variations.
  • New tracked variables: new feed enabled and feed generation time
  • Couple of small code refactors and cleanups preparing ground for future updates

WooCommerce Community News for October 2021

And lastly if you want to catch up on all the Woo Community News for October, they have created a nice overview so you can catch anything you might have missed.

Other Woo Bits

Do the Woo launched a rebrand and a rebuild. You can learn about it more here or listen to this podcast. In addition, enjoy a conversation between myself and the agency I hired to do it on an episode of Do the Woo earlier this week.

Keep Updated on WordPress

You can find an excellent weekly highlight of the news on WordPress.org over on PostStatus.com. And for a quick bit of the last seven days in the WordPress space, check out The WPMinute, news, events and tips from the community at the WPminute.com.

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