WooBits August 27 2021

Do the Woo news is updates on WooCommerce Core, WordPress core, and a few Woo odds and ends.

WooCommerce Core News

WooCommerce 5.7.0 Beta 1

This upcoming release includes a redesigned Marketplace and added local currency support. Also fixing the product variations manual menu ordering and non-ascii characters working correctly on the product attribute permalinks. Lastly, both the WooCommerce blocks and Admin have a number of enhancements, improvements and bug fixes plus one added hook.

Developer Advisory: WooCommerce Stripe Support Policy Change

Starting with the next release at the end of September, WooCommerce Stripe will begin shifting to a version support policy that matches WooCommerce’s overarching L-2 support policy. In simpler terms, Woo will support the latest minor release of WooCommerce and WordPress core, along with the previous two before that. To understand the why, why now and how it will affect you as a dev and the action you should take, I suggest you visit the post.

Woo Odds and End

Nexcess Introduces Sales Performance Monitor

This new feature for all WooCommerce hosting plans will monitor a store’s sales and measure them against a predicted model based on daily/weekly historical performance. An example of this would be when a stores sales are vanishing or slowing down that is unusual for the specific stores trends, a monitor will alert the owner.

WooSesh is Returning

The yearly conference for WooCommerce store builders, WooSesh in returning again October 13-14. The site has not yet revealed any details of the coming conference but you can follow them on Twitter @WooSesh_

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