WooBits August 20 2021

Do the Woo - A WooCommerce Podcast
Do the Woo - A WooCommerce Podcast
WooBits August 20 2021

Do the Woo news is updates on WooCommerce Core, WordPress core, and a few Woo odds and ends.

WooCommerce Core News

WooCommerce 5.6 Released

This minor release includes new options to enable a lookup table that improves filtering by product attributes, a new Refund and Return Policy sample page, WooCommerce Admin 2.5.0 with stability improvements and bug fixes and WooCommerce Blocks 5.4.1 and 5.5.1 with a number of enhancements, bug fixes and improvements.

In addition a problem was fixed that prevented blocks from rendering when included in the shop page, added support for Shipping Phone and improved support to the Twenty Twenty-One theme.

WooCommerce Blocks 5.7.0 Release Notes

With this latest version released, there are several fixes for the Checkout block validation including a new country select box and the Featured Category Block now allows you to re-select categories using the edit icon. In addition, there were several bug fixes.

WooCommerce Developer Satisfaction Survey

If you are a Woo dev working on a WooCommerce extension, or even the Core project itself, take a few and give Woo some feedback to make WooCommerce even better.

WordPress Core News

What’s new in Gutenberg 11.3

This post gives you a deeper look into all that is new with the release from a couple of weeks ago. They include the new dimensions panel, dimensional control for Featured Image block, the block inserter performance improvements, new icons for reusable blocks and template parts, and detailed info on enhancements, bug fixes, performance, experiments, documentation, code quality and tools, ending with some performance benchmarks.

FSE Program Theme Design Survey Results

Anne McCarthy shared a survey at the end of last month to get insights on how theme authors are exploring theme.json. The results are going to be used to shape what’s possible in the future with theme design.

In her post she shares a high level takeaway and then goes into the full results. If you are interested in building block themes, this is a must-read.

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