How to Offer Customers a Lower Price Guarantee on a WooCommerce Site

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There is something to be said for showing customers a lower price guarantee on a store. This can be by showing your customers offering the lowest price possible, or that a product can be purchased on another site at a lower price.

It’s like those stores that say they will match any price that you find that is lower than their advertised price.

If you are able to do this for your client, it may be something they have been thinking about.

The Lower Price for WooCommerce Extension

In the general settings, you can choose to have it appear on all pages. You can also have products added to or excluded from.

turn on globally or per product or category

The mode of operation gives you three options.


This simply allows the customer to send you a note about a lower price that they found.

Send Coupon

This goes a step further and gives you, the store owner the opportunity to send them a coupon for the difference. This means you will review their request, see if it’s legit and then generate a coupon for them.

Auto Apply Coupon

Similar to the previous option, the customer get a link provided in their email that they can simply click and the product will be added to the cart along with an auto generated coupon code.

Coupon Settings

You can set the coupons that are generated specifically from this plugin with some custom settings as well.

coupon settings

Advanced Settings

Here you can apply some restrictions on who will see this and other limitations on usage.

advanced settings restrictions


Here you can customize the various pop-up messages.

customize pop up messages


You can change the localizations.


Front End Submission Fields

Here you can edit and order the fields. It also gives you the mobile number field as an option you can enable.

frontend product submission form field

You can also customize the label name on each field.

frontend product submission form field

How it Works on a WooCommerce Site

I will show you how this works in all three modes.


If we go to a product, you will see it right above the add-to-cart button. I have changed the default message.

link on product page to submit lower price

If I click on it I get this pop-up. I will need to add my name, email, a description of the product and/or a link, and the lower price.

pop up on product page for information

And here is the screen confirmation.

screen confirmation

Once submitted, they will get an email like this.

email to customer about feedback

And as the admin, you will get this email.

email to admin

I can now view the request in on my site. And if I wanted to move ahead with this, I would need to generate the coupon code and send it to them.

view feedback request

Send Coupon Mode

If I had chosen Send Coupon Mode on the settings page, I would add how long the coupon is good for.

add coupon expiration for send coupon mode

They will fill out the same form, get the same screen confirmation and email. The difference now is that if we go into view the request on our site, here you will manually accept it and be able to put in your price that you are willing to sell it for. And with our message, we said we would match it, so we will.

But of course you can choose to reject it and send them a message with the reason why.

Just fill that out and send. The coupon code will be automatically generated.

manually approving the price and match it

Then they will get this email.

sending coupon

The customer can then click through and add the coupon code.

Auto Apply Coupon

For this everything, will be essentially the same except when you approve it and they click on the link, instead of landing on the product page and having to insert the coupon, they will land on the cart with the discount applied.

auto apply discount

Viewing All Submissions

And of course, you can view all submissions for requesting a lower price here.

view all submissions

So if your client is looking for a way to compete against lower product prices from other online stores, and they want to build up your competitive edge, check out the Lower Price for WooCommerce extension.

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