WooCommerce Leveling Up Prologue

A kick-off of Zach Stepek’s Leveling Up event that is part of the WooCommerce Builder Community Events.

As Zach mentions during the event, the following is only guidelines and the community will dictate the direction of these events.

What is Leveling Up Your WooCommerce Code?

Leveling Up is a monthly WooCommerce community event focused on deepening your skillset as a store builder. Through shared exploration of the four builder power-ups, Store Customizer, Extension Builder, Theme Builder, and Platform Contributor, we will embark on a journey together that will help you level up your skill set and improve the stores you’re building.

What’s the format for this meetup?

Each event will have a different structure based on the power-up or topic being discussed. Still, the core of each event is an open, interactive conversation about building better WooCommerce stores. There will be a mix of presentations, discussion, guided exercises, and knowledge checkpoints.

What topics will we be covering?

Each of the four power-ups will have different topics to discuss, with some overlap between them when applicable. For the Store Customizer power-up, we’ll dive deep into how WooCommerce itself works, using Action Hooks and Filters to change default behavior, and how to combine multiple customizations into a finished custom store. We’ll explore how you can take your customizations and package them into reusable products for the Extension Builder power-up.

For the Theme Builder power-up, we’ll discuss how custom visual design and theming can really make the WooCommerce sites you build stand out. And finally, for the Platform Contributor power-up, we’ll discuss how you can help the entire platform improve, which will give you both deep understanding of the core internals of WooCommerce and the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve helped to build the most used* eCommerce platform in the world.

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