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WooCommerce Joins Do the Woo as a Community Sponsor

I am proud to announce that WooCommerce has stepped up as the official Community Sponsor of our site and podcast. 

This is an honor for me as I have been a WooCommerce fan since day one. Since 2011, we have spent a lot of time not only educating people on WooCommerce, but also getting to know the community. In January of 2019 we took our site a step further and made WooCommerce our total focus.

So having WooCommerce stand behind the BobWP brand means the world to me.

What Does a Community Sponsor Mean?

The most important piece of this sponsorship is the added financial support it brings to my site and podcast. With the other two podcast sponsors and our Friends of Do the Woo, I can bring you, the community, a valuable resource to help all of us connect and share.

Another piece that this support brings is the opportunity to offer transcripts for our podcast. Good transcripts take time and resources. We now have a structure for this.Watch for a post soon on how we are approaching transcripts this time around.

What the Next 12 Months Will Bring

When I announced the change in our site here at the beginning of January, it was understood that I was continuing with the BobWP brand and focusing more on WooCommerce, which I have been doing over the last few years. But extending it to news and the community brings another whole level that I am excited about.

With the support of WooCommerce, our friends and our sponsors, you are going to see some pretty cool stuff happening here.

So stay tuned and, again, a huge thank-you to WooCommerce. 


In September 2020, Do the Woo was split into it’s own site.

Thanks to our Community Sponsors