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Do the Woo Podcast Episode 170

Do the Woo - A WooCommerce Podcast
Do the Woo - A WooCommerce Podcast
WooCommerce Friends, News and Podcasts

It's that time of the year where you might be expecting a podcast about how thankful I am or something to do with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Well, it's neither. Having given my wonderful co-hosts a break this week, no matter if they are celebrating Thanksgiving or not, I thought I would take the time to walk you through Do the Woo. Why? Well, I have found that a lot of WooCommerce builders don't knew everything that is available to them to help us elevate the community.

I also have a bit of wanderings around other topics like our partnership with Post Status and a hint on what's coming for Do the Woo and the State of the Word 2021 by WordPress co-founder, Matt Mullenweg which will be live in NYC.


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BobWP: Hey everyone, BobWP here with a special podcast episode 170. Yes, it's almost Thanksgiving here in the States, or by the time you hear this, it will be Thanksgiving in the States. And if you're outside the States, well, it doesn't matter to you. But I am giving some of my co-hosts, that are living in the States, the time off. So not recording anything with them. And also, I'll be doing a second show as well on Tuesday. So I have a couple things I want to push out. Then we'll get back into the groove again until the last couple weeks in December, where we will be taking a break. There's some interesting stuff coming along with both the site, as we finalize all that relaunch stuff and as well as what's going on December, which I'll be telling you more about in the next episode, but giving you a hint at the end of this one.

I can't go any further without thanking the 2 Pod Friend for particular episode, and really all my pod friends for what they've done for this entire year. But for this episode, thank you GoDaddy Pro and WP Activity Log.

Now let's dive into this because, well, I tried to think of what I wanted to do today, and really you probably think I'm going to talk one or two things. One is what I'm thankful for. And honestly, I don't think I could fill a whole, well maybe I could fill a whole podcast because there's a lot of things. I mean, if I really went down the line, I guess you put priority on things and somebody asked, Post Status Slack, Cory asked, "What were the three things you were most thankful for?" I thought of several things, but I basically said I'm thankful when I wake up in the morning, I'm thankful when the day comes to an end and I'm thankful for everything kind between of things, which is pretty much encompasses a lot.

But that was my moment of thankfulness. The other thing you might be expecting this time of year for me is some Black Friday announcements. I could share all the stuff that's out there, that you're not aware of, which I'm not sure if I could hit that on the nail because you probably are aware of everything from the last day or two or three or however long it's been. But that's not going to happen either. I'm not having a sales and I just wish the best to all the companies, especially in the WordPress and WooCommerce space that are having Black Friday sales, and I hope they have oddly successful sales this year.

So what am I talking about? Well, I'm doing a little bit of a revisit here. One of the things that I've discovered about my side is I have a lot of different stuff going on. And often, I don't think people can pull it all apart to know the opportunities that are there for them. But let me just give you an overview of Do the Woo and what's going on. And again, this is really for the benefit. I want people to listen and read and do all that good stuff. But it's also for the benefit of you because the site really is about Woo builders. And I want you to be able to get the most out of it. Even with the podcast, you're listening to the podcast. We have new co-hosts coming in, we have some new shows coming up in January, lots of fun stuff. Every Tuesday and Thursday, you'll be hearing something and we strive to make those better.

As far as if you ever want to be a guest, I only have so many spots and some spots are really specific to topics that we create around different episodes. So it doesn't always happen, or maybe you're kind of put on a waiting list that I can reevaluate later and find a good fit for you. But you can do that on the site. You can always submit to be a guest on the podcast. So I just want to put that back in your brain. And when we look for people outside of the builders, we often pursue them ourselves or I look back in the archives of people that have requested to be on the show. So it doesn't hurt to submit something. Let me know, and if I find that you're a good fit for something in the near future, or maybe in the far future, I'll certainly reach out.

The other piece I want to talk about is the news. We have had Woo news, and that has turned into WooBits. I think I had a bit of a prophecy there when I changed the name because recently on Twitter, Post Status had hosted a Twitter space where they brought in about four or five news site owners around the WordPress space, talking about the news. And I could spend a lot of time giving you a recap of that, but instead I believe they did record that and that will be available sometime. So just watch on Post Status on Twitter or their site. Essentially, it was just how do we make the news better, how do we help support the people that are putting the efforts in to make the news? There's a lot of news sites out there or a lot of people that all themselves news sites. And generally, there's a lot of them that just put in an RSS feed and pull in feeds from other blogs.

And it's often mixed with tutorials and sales pitches and other things. So it's not necessarily what I look at as news myself. Maybe that's what you consider news. But some of the top ones that are out there, and I'm not going to name them because if I try to recall them and I'm just doing this off the top of my head, I haven't made any notes for this podcast and I don't want to miss somebody. But you probably know who they are. And yeah, those are the ones that are really driving to put their stamp on the news, in the WordPress space. And I think that some of them have done it very successfully and we just have to find ways to support them in one way or another. And a lot of them are looking for news, so you got to pay attention to this.

And I'll put in the show notes some of those. I'll make sure I haven't missed those. But the ones that I feel that you should really dive into, and especially if you're interested in keeping up on what's going on in the WordPress space. My news, and this is what I was leading up to, my news is now WooBits. And I just don't feel like it ever was news. I wasn't making the site to be a news site. It was going to be just a small part of it. And I've been sharing stuff around WooCommerce core and not really diving into a lot of the other news because why reinvent the wheel? There's a lot of places out there. So instead, I'm creating this thing I'm going to be doing every Friday called WooBits, which will include some news. More of a narrative news, short and quick, something that you can ingest without listening to too long of a podcast or read.

But it'll kind of throw in a mix of whether there's new products, there's whatever. It's going to be organically grown. I wish I could tell you exactly what it's going to look like, but it will look different from what it has been. But I just feel that, that's not what I'm in the business for, but I can throw in some stuff that you may have missed and also reaffirm the other places where you can really keep up on all the news. So just keep an eye on WooBits as that changes over time here, as I get into that more and more.

The other piece I have mentioned many times, and there is a form on my site where you can submit it, is called Profiles in Woo and this has been something that's been a little bit dormant. I'm going to get back out there and actually facilitate some people to submit Profiles in Woo, just because it's the piece that covers those who one, maybe I don't have time to get them on the podcast, or they just aren't comfortable with it. And I think this will also help me to bring in more global individuals that are builders in WooCommerce. And the fact being that it may be much more comfortable for them. And I will say I'm impressed because most of them know a lot more English than I know of their language, which is typically zero.

But this gives them a comfortable place to think about their responses and they can put it on paper or a post and write it, versus being asked questions on a podcast. So I encourage you to go check out the Profiles in Woo, especially if you have team members that you kind of want to get elevated in the space. It just gives nice exposure to people that otherwise you may not hear about, that are doing cool things.

Also, earlier in the month, I mentioned a new podcast coming, and this is going to be kicked off a little bit differently. It's going to tie into what I'm going to be doing in December. And I'm not going to really get into that completely because it'll make for a too, I don't know, maybe confusing podcast. But let me just put it this way, that there will be a podcast now called Woo BizBytes. And what this is, is two part, and I'm going to explain this a little bit deeper here. One thing is it's going to be a shorter podcast. It's going to be totally separate from Do the Woo, this podcast.

So if you want to subscribe to it, you'll need to subscribe to that separately. Or of course, it'll be on the site where you can always go and read or listen to it. But it's going to be shorter, five to 10 minute podcast, from people in the space, builders, about business tips. Whether you sell WooCommerce products like plugins, extension, themes, or whatever that may be, services, or you build sites using WooCommerce for clients. I want them to get in there and them to tell you from their experiences, the tips that have been successful for themselves rather than me doing that.

So it's basically a podcast by Woo builders for Woo builders. Now, the catch on this is that two part. I said that this was a two-prong thing. One is there's a lot of specific pieces inside of past podcasts that I've done here, that somebody has given us great tips in a certain, very detailed area of business using WooCommerce or within WooCommerce. And I'm going to pull those out as part of that. So I'm repurposing this main podcast, but at the same time, really focusing down. For example, somebody may be talking about their building sites and working with clients and billing and client support, but they give really two or three solid tips on client support.

I'm going to pull those out and then it'll be a specific podcast, centered around that. Short and sweet, but something that you can actually think about, take away, possibly use for your own business. That's one piece of it. The other piece of it is that I'm going to give the opportunity to both my community friends and my pod friends, my two upper levels, to come in and do those podcasts as well. So if you have been thinking about joining as a community friend, that is a benefit for you. Again, there's a reason I'm doing this. One is to give them some voice because they've added extra support to my efforts. And also, there's a lot of smart people that are both in my pod and community friends, and they could give you some really awesome advice.

And there's just a couple final things I want to talk about. First of all, my friends of Do the Woo, we have our pod friends, our community friends, and our builder friends. Our pod friends are our main sponsor and supporters. If you're interested in that, you can submit your interest on the site. But I wanted to really focus on the community and builder friends. One of the things I mentioned earlier in the month, and you may have seen on the site is that, yes, my builder friends are the basic support, but also there's somebody I like to recognize at least through the fact that they get a picture on the site and they get a link to their website or their blog or whatever they choose. This is only 99 bucks for lifetime. This is not a recurring charge. As part of that, you'll get a private podcast that I'll be starting in January called Woo Insights, where I talk a little bit more about what I'm seeing going on in the space and a few other little benefits.

So I would really recommend you check out builder friends, because like I said, it's a one time cost. And I do like to pay a little extra attention to my builder friends. And if the opportunity comes up to elevate you even more, I'm here to talk to you and to help support you. My community friends are a bit more business based. They're the ones for 499 a year. You get a profile on the site. If you haven't seen that, check that out if this is something that interests you. There's a few other benefits with that. You get guest posts that you can put on our blog. As well as I mentioned, you will be able to be on the Woo BizBytes, the new podcast, if you want. And you also get a couple builder friends slots for that as well.

So if you're a company and you want to give it to a team members or yourself and somebody else, you can get that builders friends slot a couple of those included as well. So this again is how I monetize this site. This is how I basically can give 100% to this site and continue to bring you all this free content. I am not putting a bunch of content behind a pay wall through this friends of Do the Woo except for the little private podcast. But all the other stuff is open to everybody. So you kind of throw in a little bit of support to make sure this community keeps growing.

So I got my invitation. I was one of the lucky ones. And I'm not sure why I got it, but I did get it. And because of that, I made this decision to go. But I kind of changed my mind a few different times for various reasons, because of some plane flight issues and different things that had come up. Well, I've decided to go. And what I'm doing is, well, how much should I give away? I don't want to give away because I want to actually talk about this in next Tuesday's show. I'm going to be going over there to New York City, I say there because it's across the country, but I'm not doing a regular jump on the plane, fly there and fly back. I'm doing something a bit different and maybe we can call it, Do the Woo On The Way To... No, I'm not even going to try to name it right now because I'll change it and it'll sound so much better when I've had more time to think about it.

I'm rambling right now and you're probably thinking, "Okay, what is Bob talking about?" Let's just say it's going to be very interesting. It's going to be a wild and crazy trip where I'm going to be doing a lot of different things. I'm going to be looking for sponsors. And it's just, well, if you know how my brain works, you wouldn't be surprised. So tune in next Tuesday for that. I'll be doing a short podcast on that, giving all the details, how I'm going to try to get the community involved, both pre and post State of the Word and just have a, a real lot of fun doing it. And it'll all be kind of a crazy whirlwind of, let me tell you this, eight days. So that's it. That's all I've got to say about that for now.

I'm sorry, I missed one more thing. Will you hang in there with me just a little bit longer? Oh boy. This is why I usually at least write down notes and I just don't wing this because my brain seems to forget some things, but I'm going to mention this. Early in the month, if you haven't seen since then, you probably have seen it and I probably have maybe mentioned it on podcasts as well, is we are doing a partner with Post Status. If you're not sure what Post Status is, if you go to poststatus.com, they are the site for WordPress businesses. I'm going to put it that simple. It's an amazing site that's been around for several years. It's changed hands over the last few years and they're really doing amazing stuff.

And Do the Woo is going to be a partner. We have not been acquired. Neither one of us own a part of each other. This is truly a partnership where we are going to be able to help each other get both WordPress and WooCommerce stuff out there and help the businesses in the ecosystem. Cory had a great quote. I'll leave a link in my show notes of how he felt about this partnership, just because I don't have it memorized and again, I didn't make any notes on this as I didn't really prepare for this particular podcast. But think of Post Status said in the nutshell that they don't need to cover WooCommerce when I'm doing it. And in turn, I send a lot of people to Post Status and encourage them to get involved there because so many people are entering this space. And in order to really understand the WooCommerce ecosystem, you have to first understand the WordPress ecosystem because, well for obvious reasons.

So it's a mutual partnership that is going to be, I think amazing. And I just wanted to share that with you. If you're a Post Status member and you're listening to this and you want to become a builder friend of Do the Woo, I do have a link, and I'll put this in the show notes too, that will get you 50% off your builder friends lifetime. So you'll be paying only 49 bucks for a lifetime of builder friends at Do the Woo. And that is only for Post Status members. There's a lot of you out there, I know there are. So if you haven't done it yet and you want to keep on top of the WooCommerce too, I encourage you to take that next step.

Well, I promised that's it. I haven't forgotten anything else. I probably will once I end this, but that's okay because I think I've kept you long enough. If you're in the States and you're listening to this, you are obviously either celebrating Thanksgiving or you have celebrated. I wish you and your family and everyone around you and that surrounds you the very best. Worldwide, I wish everybody the best and I'm thankful for each one of you that you listen, support, participate, share, whatever you do in this Do the Woo community, I really appreciate you.

Do feel free to reach out on any platform with any question or even if you want to comment on this particular podcast. But that really is it and winding it up. So again, thanks for tuning in to today's show and I'm going to give another shout out to our two podcast friends, GoDaddy Pro and WP Activity Log. Do check them out. GoDaddyPro.com and WPactivitylog.com. And of course, stay on top of our episodes by subscribing to your favorite podcast app. So until next Tuesday, when I tell you more about this exciting adventure around State of the Word, keep doing the Woo.

Thanks to our Pod Friends for their support