How to Offer a Downloadable PDF of the Shop Page on WooCommerce

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Some people prefer a pdf, something they can share or pass along to someone else. And as much as we may think it’s old-school, some people actually prefer to print a document out.

You may have discovered that your clients customers prefer the option of downloading a pdf of a product, or products listed on an archive page they are looking at. The reasons do not matter. It’s more important that they be given the option if it makes sense to do so.

How to Allow Customers to Download a Catalog PDF of Your WooCommerce Store

The WooCommerce Store Catalog PDF Download extension will make it easy to give customers the opportunity to get a PDF for future viewing, or even for printing out.

This extension not only gives you the control over choosing between a list, grid or single product layout, but you can also add customer logo, header and footer to make sure they remember where it came from. In addition, it automatically adds a link back to your store.

The Extension Setup

Once you have activated the extension, you will find the settings in your WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Store Catalog PDF.

Ready-Made PDF

Since this extension will only create a PDF of the items that are visible on an archive page, you might prefer to offer a full catalog. Here you can upload a custom PDF you have created and add a button to download it anywhere on the site via a shortcode:

And you can add a shortcode parameter to call the custom PDF anything you want. For example, I might have created a pdf of all the month’s sale items and added it to my sidebar.

You can get as creative as you want with the custom PDF as far as the products you offer.

PDF Generator

The additional settings are used for creating the PDF of the page customers are on at the time. As you can see, you have the option of adding a logo. Also, both header and footer text if there is something appropriate to add to the sheet. Options of list and grid layout. And customization of the link label to better clarify what they will get.

Now you will find the button on the shop page or any archive page.

And on the product page.

Here is what the final PDF looks like with the grid option.

As a builder, there are several hooks that you can get in the documentation to manipulate this for your own needs.

You can check out the the WooCommerce Store Catalog PDF Download extension here.

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