How to Offer Delivery Slots on a WooCommerce Online Store

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For many of your clients, the ability to sell online as well at their brick- and-mortar store gives them twice the exposure. And if they are a store that offers delivery, this is another entire aspect of the shopping experience. In fact, their entire business may be based on the delivery of products locally.

So you want to be able to help them set it up delivery easily on your WooCommerce store and in a user-friendly way.

The WooCommerce Delivery Slots plugin may be exactly what you are looking for.

Setting Up Delivery Slots on Your WooCommerce Online Store

The General Settings give you a bit of control globally, with several options of where you want it to appear on checkout:

general setup

Setting Up Delivery Dates

Obviously, you need to set the dates that are available for delivery. We start with the date setup and its three options. You can see that there are several themes available for the calendar view on the front-end.

date setup

Here is the view of the different calendar themes:

calendar themes

Date Settings

Here you are able to select the days of delivery. Again there are some fine-tuning options here. I will show you an option in a bit for choosing how to close the delivery options on certaindays, such as holidays.

date settings


Here is where you can add same day and next day delivery fees and their corresponding costs:


Time Setup

A few basic settings for the time:

time setup

ASAP Delivery

If you want a deliver as soon as possible option, you can toggle it on. It also allows you to set a time that day to disable this option.

ASAP delivery

Time Slots

This is where you can narrow down the delivery time and day windows. Not only that, but you can choose how many deliveries they will accept during that slot and how close to the time that it is available during a specific slot. And of course you can add as many slots as you wan, depending on times and days of the week. In this example I have three slots set up:

time slot configuration

Holidays and Other Date Exclusions

As I mentioned before, you can choose specific dates to exclude, such as holidays or any other span of time:

holidays excluded

Reservation Table

This cool feature lets clients customers reserve a delivery time slot as soon as they visit your site. This is great to give the customer a feel of more control. This was, they don’t have to rush through there shopping because they are worried that the slot they want won’t be available.

The first part gives you control over how long they keep that reservation and three other options. The second part gives you a bit of control over the reservation table to match their site.


Delivery Details on Checkout

And our choice of placement:

delivery details on checkout

If I clicked on delivery date,  I would get a calendar showing the available dates.

available delivery dates

Once the date is selected, I have options for times and the fees associated with them.

time slot for delivery

Now the time slot fee appears in my order:

time slot fee in order

If we wanted to add the reservation table, this is done by using a shortcode. That way you can place it strategically on any page. For example, I have chosen to place it at the top of the shop page. And you can see that I have chosen 12:30 pm on Wednesday the 31st:

reserve your delivery slot

And though I don’t have any listed on my demo site, your clients will be able to see all their upcoming deliveries, as well as any current reservations. The upcoming reservations would show them the date, time lost, order #, order overview (address), customer name and email. They can also be sorted by their delivery dates.

As you see, this plugin is very versatile when it comes to giving delivery options to your clients customers. Go here to get your WooCommerce store products set up for delivery with the WooCommerce Delivery Slots plugin.

Let Customers Choose Leave at Door on Local Deliveries

If your client provides local delivery through your WooCommerce store, they may want to give the customer the option to leave it at the door with added instructions. You can learn more about this plugin on this post.

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