Let Customers Easily Add Multiple Emails to Their Account in WooCommerce

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There’s one small detail when it comes to customers receiving emails from your store. Sometimes they need to forward it to someone else.

Case in point. Let’s say that every purchase you make must be sent to your accounts payable department. Or perhaps, you have an email specifically for transactions. Whatever the case, normally the customer has to remember to forward it to the right person or address after they have received it.

As you think this through, it may be a solution that some of your clients are just looking for.

The WooCommerce Multiple Email Recipients Plugin

Once again, there is a plugin that does one simple thing and does it well.

After installation, you will get these settings that let you set the number of emails a customer can add, as well as displaying them on their account page and at checkout.

multiple email recipients general settings

Since there are several emails that might be sent out, in each email setting you have in WooCommerce, you can toggle that email on or off to be included in multiple recipients. For example, if I open the Processing order email settings, I have the option here.

enable emails for multiple recipients

Email Addresses on Account and Checkout Page

When a customer goes into their account page, they how have the option to add additional emails to their account, based on the number they chose in their settings.

additional emails on account page

And since there are times you will not want the email sent to those addresses, at checkout you can clear the field.

emails at checkout

And of course, at any time these can also be changed in the users profile in your dashboard.

option in user profile in dashboard

So if you are looking to add this to your next client project, you might want to check out the WooCommerce Multiple Email Recipients plugin.

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