Customize WooCommerce Button and Tabs Text without Knowing Code

Now before you say you could dive into some code and use hooks, think about this. If you are handing over a site to a customer, maybe they want to be able to make these changes as well. Enter the free plugin, the WooCommerce Customizer, which allows you to do those things—and more.

The WooCommerce Customizer Plugin

Once you install and activate the free plugin, you will find a customizer tab in your WooCommerce settings.

How to Change the Cart Button Text on Your WooCommerce Shop Page

First off, you have options to change the cart button text on the four types of products.

add to cart button text

You can also change the sales badge text.

sales badge text

Show How Many Products are Displayed per Page

This particular setting is available through the WooCommerce option in the customizer, so you can use it here or use that. I wouldn’t suggest this plugin if this is all you are using it for since you can do it natively with WooCommerce.

number of products per page

How to Customize Tab Titles on the Product Page

You know those two default tabs you get on your product pages, the description and additional information? Well, often there is a better way to define those, especially the additional information. You may want to list FAQ’s there or some specific details for that product.

You can also change the content headings, which are the headings under the tab that are often replicated:

tab titles and tab headings

For example, as you can see here, if I click on additional information, it will be repeated in the tab and the heading:

additional information tab

With this plugin I can change that:

tabs changed

If you want to take this a step farther and create additional tabs, and choose the order of the tabs, check out our post on the custom tab extension for WooCommerce.

How to Change Button Text on the Product Page

You will also be able to change button text on the product page similar to how you changed it on the shop page.

product page button changes

How to Change the Login Message

You have the option to change both the must be logged in text and the login text from the default.

login messages

How to Change the Coupon Text

Maybe you want something more enticing than just click to enter your code, say something like enter your code and save money:

coupon text

Toggle the Create Account Checkbox

Instead of going with the default setting, you can set this to be checked or unchecked:

account checkbox

How to Change the Submit Order Button on the Checkout Page

On your checkout page, you can change the text of the submit order button:

submit order button change

How to Change the Tax Labels

In addition, you can change the tax, including and excluding tax labels:

tax labels

How to Change the Placeholder Image Source

Lastly, you can change the default placeholder image by setting this to a valid image URL:

placeholder image source

As you can see, you can make some very useful customizations to your WooCommerce online store without having to know code. Just be aware that these are global changes that will affect all of your products.

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