WooCommerce Conversations, Insights and Perspectives

In the second of my series on the upcoming iteration of Do the Woo here, I touch more on bringing the Woo builder community together.

The Stories, the Conversation

Let’s face it, when you first start with WooCommerce, whether you are a freelancer, a DIY’er or a store merchant, there are thousands, if not millions of ways to learn about how to build your store, increase performance, get that first sale, or a number of other things. You need to learn it.

As developers and builders, it’s no different. At some point you learned the basics, then you picked up more, and likely will continue the process for as long as you create.

If you know me, I am a big advocate of learning and have been for more than a decade in the WordPress space. Learning the how and why. This twist takes me into helping you learn about the builder community in the WooCommerce ecosystem.

The Community

What is a Woo builder? If we look at the builder community, in a broad sense, there are two groups:

  1. Those who have been building for some time and are actively involved in the community.
  2. Everyone else (which is a lot).

Those who fall under #2, may be curious about the community. Or perhaps, they want to become more involved. Or they simply wonder about what drives it and the all the bumps and turns along the way.

When looking at those builders in the smaller, niche Woo community they may be asking:

What do they really think about WooCommerce? Why are they using it? What drove them to Woo? What is their perspective on the latest happenings around core? What insights do they have that you can benefit from? And all things in between.

Then we have everyone else. Who are they? What do they bring to the community? Why the heck do they Do the Woo?

Although these are general conceptions, they are based around connecting the community. Whether it’s a personal introduction to someone, hearing their story, or insights into the bigger picture, it’s out there. We just need to rein it in.

All the Working Parts Coming Together

To cover all of this and give Woo builders a central hub of community, it takes a lot of moving parts. Bits and pieces that fall into the bigger picture.

That is what the new Do the Woo will be about: connecting all those parts—some initially and others organically— as the site grows.

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