How WooCommerce Builders Should Think About Their Own Content

I have talked with a lot of builders in the WooCommerce space, and have heard of the challenges (and successes) of content creation. In a conversation we had with Lindsey Miller from Content Journey, we talked a lot around this issue.

For service providers it was understood that the focus is on demonstrating expertise. Where it’s not about is the volume of traffic, it’s the quality of it. And for an agency or a service provider, all it takes is a couple of leads for you to see an exponential return on your investment in that space.

On the other side, we have WooCommerce builders who are doing products. For builders who are selling plugins, extensions, themes and other WooCommerce-specific products, the question came up on how to help you think about content? What’s different? What’s the same? Comparing to builders who are on the service side and where it’s tends to be that lower volume.

Content That is Helpful

What we’ve done in WordPress is we just try to be really helpful overall. That kind of sums up our community. For plugin owners and theme shops, think, how can I help our customer even if it doesn’t directly relate to our product? Is there something that you can do to help educate? And so that’s typically how they should think about content so they can be a thought leader in this space. And that thinking should pertain, even adjacently, to what they’re trying to sell. Because once people find someone they can trust, that’s really trying to help them, especially in WordPress, they’re going to keep coming back to that person, whether it be for new content, to be educated or to purchase something.

The Problem You Are Solving

In the podcast Lindsey said they always ask this as one of the first questions. “Have you done a persona exercise development?” The result is that 95% reply with a “no”. There are even very large enterprise clients that have not done basic persona development. The reason for doing one of these is it costs you little money and although it may take an hour or two it helps for you to know know exactly who you are writing for. Lindsey adds that they do this for all their clients so they know the even better who the agencies or product builders audience is.

How to Get Unstuck with Content Creation

Obviously once you start to think more and more about your content creation, there will be times you get stuck.

Lindsey came back to us with a simple response, writers just have to write. Although this may sound really cliche, it’s really a matter of making it a habit. Also, find the right place to go to where you can get help. She suggested, as they have tons of resources. She also suggested the Digital Marketing Kitchen’s Facebook group that is a great place to talk about writing and SEO and how that pertains. And lastly, find others in your space that are doing fun content challenges. These can inspire you to write along with your colleagues in the ecosystems you work in.

So find a community, set a time on your calendar and just do the work. Lastly click publish.

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