WooCommerce Blocks and Page Builders

Do the Woo - A Podcast for WooCommerce Builders
Do the Woo - A Podcast for WooCommerce Builders
WooCommerce Blocks and Page Builders

In episode 20, Brad Williams and BobWP are joined by Jamie Marsland from Pootlepress.

In this show, we chat with Jamie about his years experience with WooCommerce, his latest products on the market and WooCommerce blocks, the new editor and page builders.

Jamie Marsland and Pootlepress

Jamie started with plugins for WooThemes popular theme Canvas. He’s been involved with WooCommerce from the beginning and has grown his company, Pootlepress, around WooCommerce. In addition, his company has provided training courses in the UK for the past eight years.

WooCommerce, Blocks and the New Editor

Jamie introduces us to WooBuilder Blocks, a much-needed approach to creating unique single-product pages in WooCommerce. From there, we talk about the challenges facing blocks and WordPress. This includes the issues many plugin developers experience with the the new phase of blocks, both within WordPress and WooCommerce core, as well as the numerous plugins out there.

We also touch on the perceptions and use of the new editor in WordPress and how its adaptation is moving along.

Page Builders and Blocks

We share our individual thoughts around the idea of the Gutenberg, aka blocks, moving users away from page builders. As someone who has been successful with his own page builder, Pagebuilder Pro, Jamie has his own take on the topic.

It was interesting because we each had a different take on it and, as Brad said on the show, talk to us again in a year.

Get in Touch with Jamie

You can find Jamie on Twitter or check out his site his site, Pootlepress.com, where you will find Storefront Pro and Storefront Blocks. I also suggest you take a look at WooBuilder Pro as it gives you some great options to build out your WooCommerce product page.