WooCommerce at the State of the Word 2020

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Each year Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of WordPress presents his State of the Word. This is done typically at WordCampUS, but of course, this year it was virtual. If you aren’t interested in listening to the whole thing, here is what Matt touched on specifically with WooCommerce.

Second was a mega boom in eCommerce. We’ve all heard how eCommerce was pulled forward many, many years. There is an incredibly flexible eCommerce plugin for WordPress called WooCommerce.WooCommerce facilitated over $20 billion in sales so far this year. More than double the year before.

The intersection of commerce and content is huge and a growing space. And as people who might be introduced to selling things online through, maybe eBay or an Amazon or a proprietary SaaS service like Shopify, as they reach a limit of those services, they look for the most flexible thing out there. And the most flexible thing out there on the internet is almost always going to be WordPress.

Matt Mullenweg, State of the Word 2020

On the eCommerce side of things, you might’ve come across a cool product named Tonal.com, which is like a Peloton of strength training. A side effect of this pandemic has been personal health shifting to our homes. Tonal anticipated the need for virtual fitness coaches and uses AI combined with a really innovative mirror interface, where as a screen embedded in the mirror. And then it has kind of like pulleys that provide resistance training, I think up to 200 pounds and they can offer a superior workout when you’re at home.

They don’t disclose their sales, but just a few months ago in September, there is $110 million funding round, which will give you a hint of their growth and scale. They also disclosed when they did that round that in the past year, their revenue has grown by 12 times. And this is all built on WordPress and WooCommerce, which is very exciting, both for the scale and showing that you can build a really cool new product and service on top of it.

Matt Mullenweg, State of the Word 2020

You can watch the entire State of the Word plus the Q&A that followed.

You can also listen to my podcast with Matt where we talk more about WooCommerce.

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