Learn How to Create Coupons With WooCommerce Advanced Coupons

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If you foresee a client wanting to have some flexibility with creating coupons, this might be the choice for that project build.

Why It’s Advanced

One of the most sought-out coupons is the Buy One, Get One. Still, sometimes there is a need for something more flexible. Or perhaps a long-term coupons that will work under specific conditions. You can see where I am going with this.

The Settings

You will find the settings for this plugin under your WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced Coupons.

Modules You Can Use

There are several features that you can toggle off and on through modules and use only what you need, when you need it. Here is where you will do that. I’ll expand on each one later in this post.

settings modules

BOGO Deals (Buy One, Get One)

Here are a few options on this specific feature as well as some tweaks you can do to the BOGO notice:

settings BOGO deals

Scheduling Coupons

If you are going to schedule coupons, these are two messages you can customize when a coupon has not started or has expired.

settings scheduler

Role Restriction Settings

Another option is to restrict coupons by role. This is the message you can create for anyone who tries to use the coupon but doesn’t qualify.

URL Coupon Settings

A few options here around the feature of URL coupons: optional redirects, custom messages and hiding the coupon fields.

settings URL coupons

An Overview of the Modules within WooCommerce Coupon Settings

For this first example, I’ll show you how the coupon options look with this plugin installed.

default coupon options

After adding Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce, with all the modules activated, this is what you will see. Under the General Settings, you will notice that the Coupon expiry date is no longer there as it has its own, more detailed settings through this plugin.

Also note that nothing changed under the default Usage limits.

coupon data with all modules active

Usage Restriction

Almost all the settings are the same except for the last one here. Now you will be able to exclude coupons with a specific coupon. This is great because only can they not use other coupons in addition to the existing one, but you can allow or disallow combining specific coupons.

coupon usage restriction

Cart Conditions

This is cool as it works similar to conditional logic. In other words, you are able to set a condition for your cart that allows the coupon to work. Here is the list of conditions:

cart conditions

For example, here I have set it so the coupon can only be used if the customer has purchased more than two of a specific product. I could add additional products if I wanted.

conditon product in cart

Another great use is if you have specific user roles that could use the coupon. Maybe you have membership levels or perhaps some other kind of roles. It could even be something for your registered customers.

cart condition user role

Another example:  say you want to give someone a limited time to use the coupon with a minimum amount in the cart. In this case, they have made a purchase. They then get an email that says if they spend more than $100 within 24 hours, they will get 50% off their purchase. Here is what that would look like.

coupon time and minimum amount

As you can guess, with the conditions available and the various combinations, you have a lot of flexibility.

Buy-One-Get-One Deals

Another option with this plugin is the buy one, get one. There are three triggers and three “apply types” when you set this up and with those combinations you can do some deals. Although this screenshot explains these three, I will repeat them here:

Specific Product – this one works for straightforward deals where only a single or non-variable product is used.

Combination of Products – this one works with several products or variable products.

Product Categories – this one is perfect for choosing a range of products defined by a category (a great illustration of just how powerful categories can be).

BOGO deals

The example above is set so that if any combination of products are purchased, then a single product is given at the discount. These options open up a lot of different deals you could give your customers, including offering a buy-one-get-one-free deal.

Add Products

This is perfect if you want to give the customer a free gift with their purchase or a discount. This could be a reward, or it could be something like if you buy a specific microphone, we’ll give you a free boom arm for it. Just choose the product using the setting below, then create a cart condition, which I had showed you previously. I might create a condition that requires that the Rode Podcaster Microphone needs to be in the cart to get the free gift. If you revisit the cart conditions above, you can imagine all the various ways you could use this.

add products

Scheduling Coupons

By default, WooCommerce lets you set up an expiration date for your coupons. With this plugin you can not only do that, but you can schedule your coupons to start on another date, as well as add custom messages for both the coupons start and expiration.

coupon scheduler

Role Restrictions

This is another great option. It allows you to restrict coupons to specific WordPress roles on your site. A couple of simple examples would be restricting a coupon only to existing/registered customers, or if you are running a membership site or an online course, restrict the coupon to students or members. If you had several member levels, you could give them different discounts depending on their membership.

coupon role restrictions

URL Coupons

Has anyone ever sent you a link for a discount and all you had to do was simply click it and the discount was applied to the cart automatically (no need to bother searching for that discount code)?  It’s a great way to send these discounts to customers via email or some other way simply by giving them the URL to click on. This plugin easily lets you set this up.

URL coupons

One-click Apply Notification

Here you have the opportunity to notify your customer with a custom message, which can be set for informational, success or error.

one click apply notifications

And once it’s been applied, the customer sees this:

success notification

As you can see, this plugin gives you multiple ways to extend coupon offers.

If you really want to take advantage of all the ways to use coupons, I would suggest you check out WooCommerce Advanced Coupons.

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