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A Look at the WooCommerce Admin Now in Core

The WooCommerce Admin, since February of 2019 had over a million active installs. In December of last year, there was a new build of plugin. As of WooCommerce 4.0 it is now in core. Here is a look at what this brings to your WooCommerce shop.

The WooCommerce Admin

In a nutshell, this new dashboard designed to simplify your workflow. Customize reports to fit the needs of your store – set specific date ranges, choose how charts are displayed, categorize information, and show the data important to you.

And as I mentioned, you can customize this for your own specific needs. As you can see here, it’s easy to toggle the reports you want visible off and on in each section.

And by clicking on each specific section, it’s expanded to view even more data as in the example of Items Sold.

detailed view of sections


Of course there is several options, depending on the report for filtering the results. Obviously, for all reports you have the date range filter.

But as I showed you in the Items Sold section, for example, you can filter it by products and even compare products.

Obviously, I am not going to show you each individual report or filtering, but I can assure you that you will find a much better reporting system in WooCommerce through this admin. And if you haven’t been using the plugin, I would suggest you check this out as soon as you are updated to 4.0.

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