Generate Commissions for Account Sign-ups in WooCommerce

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There are many variables when you setup a WooCommerce online store And your clients needs may be unique. I’m talking here about one specific example of that.

They have an online store. They want to reward their affiliates when they refer someone to the store and they register an account. Not a sales commission, but a monetary referral commission.

As I mentioned, this can be a very unique need:

Let’s say they have an online store and run a select affiliate program. They have found that most of the people an affiliate refers to your site become lifetime customers. Maybe they don’t use that person’s affiliate links anymore but, still, you want to reward them initially.

The AffiliateWP Plugin Signup Referrals Add-on

If your client is considering running a smaller affiliate program for your store, using the AffiliateWP plugin is the perfect answer. The add-on called Signup Referrals extends the features to give them an easy way to set up referral commissions simply based upon someone registering an account on the WooCommerce site.

Setting Up the Commissions

Under Affilate > Settings > Integrations you will find a Signup Referrals section. This add-on works with several other plugins, but will only display the plugins you have installed.

You can choose your referral status and the amount you want to give for the referrals. If you are using this plugin to also pay for sales referrals, if someone creates an account at checkout, they will be paid for both the referral for a signup and for any sales generated. If you don’t want it to happen at checkout, you can choose to enable the WooCommerce – Disable Checkout Referral.

It’s that simple. You can read more about AffiliateWP here on our site.

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