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WooCommerce 5.1 Released

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WooCommerce 5.1 Released

WooCommerce 5.1 is the third minor release of 2021

Blocks and Admin

Both the WooCommerce admin and blocks have ben updated. WooCommerce blocks are currently at 4.4 and core has been updated to 4.4.3. The WooCommerce admin is now at 2.0.2. Both these releases are mostly bug fixes, stability improvements and compatibility.

Fixes and Improvements

When updating the order tax, previously, the tax name didn’t update in the order meta after recalculating the totals. This have been fixed

A continuation of removing all deprecated jQuery 3 from core continues.

Lastly, notices are being removed when closed. A bug was keeping notices such as Database has been updated even when trying to close. This again, has been fixed.

Two new filters were released, but there were no database or template changes.

You can see the original post over on the WooCommerce developer blog.

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