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WooCommerce 5.0 Released

WooCommerce 5.0 Released

WooCommerce 5.0 was released. There were some who wondered if 5.0 would be a major release. Maybe it’s because we all remember WordPress 5.0. But with the monthly release schedule, 5.0 followed in the minor release path.

Some Fixes and Improvements

Product Review Count

In the last version review counts had to be fixed, but the problem was it only fixed new comments. Now as reviews are added, all product review counts will be added.

Deprecate legacy reports

When the new WooCommerce Analytics were added in 4.0, you could opt in to still continue using the old ones. Those are now being deprecated and users will be prompted to start using the newer analytics.

CSS variables

WooCommerce prefixed CSS variables have been added to the stylesheet.

Restoring products, orders and coupons

When you trashed products, orders and coupons and needed to restore them, they would be put into draft mode. Now they will be restored to whatever previous status they were in when trashed.

Changing product type with attached files

With an product type that had downloadable files, if you changed the type of the product, the downloadable files would be lost and access would be denied. Now those permissions will not be lost when changing a product type.

Versioning for WooCommerce

One of the talked about points of this release was the versioning. A bit of discussion going on the WooCommerce Slack Channel. Up till now they have partially partially followed the Semantic Versioning (Semver) schema.

Moving forward the decision was make to follow the WordPress versioning schema. What does this mean? With the release of version 5.0 (which usually means a backwards compatible breaking release under Semver), it will now maintain backwards compatibility. If you want to learn more about this, you. can read this post on the Woo development blog.

WooCommerce Admin

A few fixes and improvements found its way into version 1.9.

  • If a task has not been completed by the merchant by the second time a help tooltip will appear.
  • Third-party developers can now add their own tasks to the home screen.
  • The inbox will now note an unread indicator on the inbox messages.

You can learn more about the update including a database change and some new filters and actions by visiting this post.

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