WooCommerce 4.9 Released

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Do the Woo - WooCommerce Podcast, Community and News
WooCommerce 4.9 Released

WooCommerce 4.9 is a minor release that went out today.

WooCommerce Admin 1.8.3

Improvements and fixes include:

  1. The panels for reviews and stock management can now be found on the WooCommerce home screen vs. as icons in the navigation bar prior to this release.
  2. For stores based in India, another payment option Razorpay has been included in the onboarding task list.
  3. If site owners have opted in to share usage with Woo, there is a new customer survey utility to gather feedback from users around various product features.
  4. Some fixes for IE 11 including an issue where sometimes the admin screen won’t render.

Blocks 4.0.0

Now in core, this reflects changes made to the plugin in December.

For example, the new order of events is:

  1. Obtain Draft Order
  2. Process Request
  3. Process Customer
  4. Validate Order
  5. Process Payment

In addition, there was a change with an issue in the user creation during checkout. Woo now returns an updated nonce along with the error response, and ensures that when a customer account is created, the Checkout state is updated to reflect this (for example, the create account checkbox is hidden).

There are also a few additional enhancements and several bug fixes to the blocks.

Other Fixes

As listed on the WooCommerce release post, other fixes you should note are:

API performance improvements

WooCommerce REST API responses have been made faster for product and order endpoints. To make use of increased speed, make sure to add the _fields parameter in the API call to specify only what you need, and WooCommerce will try to optimize internal SQL queries to reduce the load on the database. #27335

Note that they have reverted a part of this enhancement that was earlier included in the Beta after a bug was reported. WooCommerce is intending to add this back in a future release after fixing the bug. #28745

UK and Isle of Man removed from EU VAT zones

As a part of the Brexit effort, they have removed UK and IM from EU VAT zones. If you or your client’s store deal with EU taxes, then make sure to consult your accountant as just this change might not be enough. #28538

You can also find a guide for navigating Brexit here: Ready for Brexit: A Guide for WooCommerce Store Owners

Stock management fixes

Fixes have been made to make stock management more robust and prevent duplicate stock reduction. Woo noted their appreciation to all for reporting those issues promptly and in great detail. #28620

Product review count

An issue related to incorrect review count has also been fixed. If you were impacted by this bug, then add/remove a product review manually to correct the review count. They are also working on another fix to update the product review count retro-actively for convenience. Again, appreciation was noted to all for reporting this issue promptly and in detail. #28624

Better coupon error messages

When the coupon usage limit is reached after an incomplete or failed payment where the coupon was used, better error messages will be shown. If the users are logged in, it will ask them to go to the MyAccount page (if enabled) to cancel or pay for the orders and recover/utilize the coupon. #28592

You can see the full post here on WooCommerce or check out the complete changelog for this update here.