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WooCommerce 4.6 is Released

WooCommerce 4.6 is Released
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In this release of WooCommerce you will find updates to the Admin and Blocks as well as some other fixes.

What Stands Out

Most of the fixes and improvements are incremental such as the new Home Screen that came with 4.3 only showed for new stores automatically and existing users as to opt-in. That Home Screen will be the default for all sites updating to 4.6.

In addition, and in the same line of improvements, the old setup wizard was removed and any new install go through the new wizard setup.

Sorting country name is working as should be and there are a few style improvements for notices if you are using the Twenty Twenty theme. Also, you are able to use non-ASCII characters when assigning products a tax class.

A few new actions and filters have also been added and you can read more about this update and those over on the WooCommerce development blog.

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