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WooCommerce 4.5 with New Onboarding Guide

WooCommerce 4.5 with New Onboarding Guide
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With the release of WooCommerce 4.5 comes improvements and fixes, as well as a notable change in the onboarding guide.

New Onboarding Guide with 4.5

As you can see from these screenshot, the first part of the onboarding guide now includes more information about the home screen which has seen changes over the last few updates.

WooCommerce onboarding welcome 1

WooCommerce homepage onboarding 2



If you do not have an child SKU, creating manual orders will now fallback on the parent SKU.

Increased security by storing the coupon codes with HTML entities encoded.


When you have activated the hide shipping costs until an address is entered, it will stay hidden until the entire address has been completed. This fixes the previous problem of shipping costs displaying while the address was being entered.

Before, when cancelling a PayPal checkout, any coupons were then invalid because they had been used in a previous order, the one cancelled. Now if you cancel a pending order, the coupon will stay valid for when you release that order.

You can also read more about the release here including the merge of the REST API and any new, added filters.

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