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WooCommerce 4.4 Centralizes Coupon Management and Updates Blocks

WooCommerce 4.4 Centralizes Coupon Management and Updates Blocks
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WooCommerce 4.4 was released and is considered a minor release.

Coupon Management

The coupon management has found its way under the Marketing tab. Following in a trend, it gives users access to additional, recommended coupon extensions and the WooCommerce knowledge base.

Coupon Management Marketing tab

By upgrading, you will still find the coupon option under the WooCommerce menu, but if you click that link it will generate a notice to inform users of the new placement and you can optionally remove the old menu link if you choose.

The is a good move for users as it brings more logic to the interface while offering some added options to make store building ever easier.

Block Updates

Added consistency has been part of this update across all the WooCommerce blocks. Also, the cropping of images in those blocks will now reflect on the settings that you have for your WooCommerce specific images for better performance.

There are a few other odds and ends that come with 4.4 which you can read about over on WooCommerce.com.

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