WooCommerce 4.1 Released with Updated Wizard, New Marketing Hub and Woo Payments

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This update brings some new pieces to WooCommerce that will help new users as well as some tweaks.

What is New in WooCommerce 4.1?

The Marketing Hub is a page that helps users with available marketing tools. I know from having worked with many beginners, this will help alleviate some of the roadblocks they might find in the first steps of their site.

The future of this as stated on the WooCommerce post:

We will focus on growing the number and scope of integrations based on merchant usage and feedback – as such the new Marketing Hub tracks extension usage (extensions clicked, installed, managed) and inherits the usage tracking choice that was made during the install of WooCommerce.

Marketing Hub

The Marketing Hub is currently broken into two areas to begin with.

market hub

The Recommended Extension is a small collection that helps in the various avenues that you may need to market your site.

recommended extensions

If you click on any of these a new window opens with the information and the ability to install now.

install facebook

If you do choose to install it you will be taken to the WooCommerce.com site for purchase it, or in this case it is a free extension. Then you can add it to your site from there, and if you return to the page, you will now see a a new section that shows me it’s installed and ready for setup. If I had set it up, it would simply show as installed.

installed maketing extensions

And at the bottom is the latest blog posts from WooCommerce.com handpicked to help educate yourself on more marketing options with WooCommerce through a knowledge base.

knowledge base

WooCommerce Payments

Announced earlier and in our post, WooCommerce payments is now an option that is offered as an alternative gateway.With the new wizard now available to all new stores, users will have the option at that point to add WooCommerce payments. Make note, this means it is not in core but needs to be installed via the extension.

Currently this is only offered in the US-based stores.

I installed it using their beta version and here are the steps that makes it an easier and seamless option for merchants. I will admit it was very easy. Please note that this may have changed a bit in the release of 4.1.

The first step is some basic info and the first step for verification.

Next you will need to verify which include a second verification step.

Now you will add your personal details. Understand this information is required because you are basically setting up a Stripe Express payment gateway account.

Now your business details.

Next you will add either a bank account or debit card for direct deposits of money paid through this gateway.

And then the very last step.

You will now find the settings under your payments in your WooCommerce setttings.

And instead of having to go to Stripe to see your deposits, transactions and disputes, you will now find them all in your dashboard.

As you can see, this is going to offer a solution that often is a large hurdle for new users as they set up their small shops.

You can also read more about WooCommerce payments here and see the post with additional information on the release of 4.1.

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