WooCommerce 4.0 Released

WooCommerce 4.0, a major update, has been released.

Although a major update, as WooCommerce states, it is not as impactful as 3.0. But as always, make sure and test before updating your store.

The WooCommerce Admin

The WooCommerce Admin is not new as it has been offered as a plugin since February 2019. With the initial announcement of 4.0 came the news of the Admin coming into core. The improvements include:

  • A new dashboard
  • New and improved reports
  • Improved notification experience
  • New store management tools

One of the benefits that has been the ability to choose how the charts are displayed and the options to toggle the different reports off and on, so you only see what is important to you. It also has some flexible filtering options.

Here is an overview of the dashboard.

WooCommerce admin dashboard

You can see our post to learn more about the admin here.

Activity Panel

There has been improvements in the activity panel that you have been able to use to access specific data and make for easier store management throughout your site.

activity panel

Of course for developers, WooCommerce has information on how you can extend the WooCommerce admin for your customers sites.

Action Scheduler 3.0

This was the other anticipated update that most store owners may not notice as it is a background job runner. But with the newest version it brings more power to your site around custom tables and larger volumes of orders and posts in the database.

New Onboarding Experience: Fine-tuning this with some of the releases, it has been streamlined even more. About 50% of Woo’s new customers will experience it.

Beyond that, most of the other features were improved, fixed, updated or optimized including the order edit screen, blocks, Brexit and Vat, email handling, variations and payment gateways.

You can see the official post at WooCommerce.com here.