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WooCommerce 3.9 Released

The latest update for WooCommerce has been released. The release comes with WooCommerce Blocks 2.5.11.

New All Products Block

As the core blocks continue to grow, this time around we are seeing the All Products Block which is giving you the chance to place your shop page on any page or post, but with more customizations. It also keeps you customers from leaving the page or post if they want to browse through your entire product stock.

It includes some great filtering and pagination along with some other improvements.

Note that you can extend the block by using other WooCommerce blocks as inner blocks, for example, if you wanted to add the filter block to this block. This takes a bit of coding so you will want to be comfortable doing that.

Of course if you wanted to simply create a two column area with the blocks, you could do that as well.

PHP and WordPress Minimum Requirements

As we mentioned in an earlier post, this was also coming to prepare everyone for the change. You will be required to us at the minimum PHP 7.0 and WordPress 5.0.

Other Odds and Ends

Customizing the Pay Button – there is a new Payment Gateway API that allows you to be able to customize the pay button now.

Onboard Changes – the onboarding has some changes but it is only available to a 10% of new users. Obviously this will grow as as they watch and test things.

MaxMind Geolocation – MaxMind has a database that works to give you a look at your customers country. WooCommerce previously used it, but a change in the MaxMind EULA now requires a registration, unlike before. It is was caused the delay in the release and because of the required registration, and the fact that it was always on by default, it now requires you to register or disable.

As usual there are a so many other small fixes and tweaks including template file changes and deprecated functions and methods. You can see all that good stuff here.

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