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WooCommerce 2.3 Is Here. Update Time!

Yesterday WooCommerce 2.3, or aka Handsome Hippo was released. And if you know me, I’m a big WOO FAN.

In fact, just a couple of days ago Joel Bronkowski from Woo shared this tweet.

Cool, huh?

Now back to the update. In a perfect world I would have had a post going over all the great new things you will find in 2.3. But this time around it didn’t happen. So instead, I am going to send you over to the SellWithWP site where Beka Rice wrote this great review.

Also, as with any major upgrade, you want to have precautions in place. For example, backing up everything before you update. And if possible, even moving your site to a staging site to test it. I would suggest before updating, you also visit this post from my friend Patrick Rauland over on Woo with more information on this release and some insight as to why it’s called Handsome Hippo.

That’s it.

But wait, here is an infographic I came across this morning.

Courtesy of: WooRockets

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