How to Monitor Changes, Updates, and Store Admins with Logs on a WooCommerce Site

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Whether you are build the shop, or maintaining it, keeping on top of your clients store is one of your biggest priorities for a WooCommerce-powered shop. And knowing what admins, shop managers and logged-in users are doing and what has been changed, can give you peace of mind and help you to be better prepared.

The WP Activity Log Plugin for WooCommerce

Although it works on all WordPress sites, the WP Activity Log Log plugin is unique as it’s the only user activity plugin that keeps a detailed log of changes in WooCommerce store settings, simple and variable products, coupons, orders and other WooCommerce-specific elements.

It has a very comprehensive activity log, extensive coverage of all WordPress changes and includes email and SMS notifications and reports, just to name a few.

It’s the perfect solution to keep track of changes, help with troubleshooting and stay on top of any suspicious behavior on a store.

Installing with the Wizard

We are working with the premium version of the plugin so we can show you all that it can bring to your store. When you install it, you have the option of walking through a wizard. I always recommend this as it’s a good way to get your initial features set. It also gives you a nice overview of your options.

wizard step 1

For this post I opted to activate all the options.

wizard step 2

As a WooCommerce store, I can make the obvious choice of logins beyond the standard WordPress login page.

Wizard step 3

An option to keep track of 404 errors:

wizard step 4

This is a setting you may choose to have on or off for the store:

wizard step 5

Here you can select how long data will be kept and thus reflect that in the privacy policy. What you choose to do will vary from site to site.

wizard step 6

Next, you choose who has access to the logs:

wizard step 7

If you have any user or user role that you would like to exclude from the logs, you can do that here:

wizard step 8

Now you can finish the install knowing you have the basics set up.

wizard step 9

WP Security Audio Log Settings

Now you can go into your settings where you can either change or fine tune what you set in your wizard.

General Settings

The general settings has a variety of options.

general settings

Activity Log Settings

Next are some options to fine tune a bit of the activity log you or your client will be viewing.

activity log settings

File Integrity Scan

One of the features for this plugin is that it scans the WooCommerce site whenever a file is added, modified or deleted. You can choose to show these changes and control what is scanned.

file integrity scan settings

Exclude Objects Settings

To further customize the scan, you can exclude objects, the objects being post types, users, roles, etc.

exclude objects settings

Import/Export Settings

Not so much a setting as the ability to export or import the settings. Great if you want to duplicate from another install or even as a backup.

import export settings

SMS Provider Settings

Here you can connect to integrate Twilio a great feature of this plugin as SMS notifications outweigh email notifications, are instant and cannot be blocked by antispam or other filters.

SMS provider settings

Advanced Settings

A few more options for the plugin.

advanced settings

Audit Log Viewer

This is where you will see all logged activity. I went into my site as a customer and here you see all the activity that was logged from that single visit. As I mentioned before, this plugin covers activity on the WooCommerce site down to every detail that you have activated regarding your logs, plus a bit of what I had done as an admin.

audit log viewer

For any of these logs, you can click through for further details.

alert log

Enable/Disable Events

You can further fine-tune what events you want to log. As you can see from the tabs, there are several options and I won’t be showing you each of these. But as an example, here are the events for WooCommerce products.

enable disable events

User Sessions and Management

You can control the number of logged-in sessions that you want to retrieve.

user session settings

User Sessions Management

In addition, for these sessions, you are able to limit or block any simultaneous connections from the same username.

And set a time limit to terminate any idle sessions.

At any time, you can view which users are logged in, with the abiliy to terminate a session if needed.

logged in users


As mentioned, you can get notifications via email and/or SMS. As with the events, there are numerous options so I won’t go through each one. But specifically for WooCommerce you have these four options for notifications:

notifcations woocommerce


To generate and configure your reports, you can filter what details you want on your report. Then you can generate that report for either daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly. You can also choose to send this to the client.

And options for your statistics reports:

reporting statistics

External Databases and Services Configurations

There are a few options here, including the ability to store the WordPress activity log in an external database, archive old entries and mirror the WordPress activity log to another database or a third party service such as Slack or Syslog.

external database activity log

Log Activity in Your Dashboard

You will have a latest-events list that you can find in your main dashboard page.

And at the top, the current log activity:

Staying on Top of Your WooCommerce Store

When it comes to a WooCommerce store, this plugin can help you to stay on top of everything. Its power is that it does not tell you just when a product has been updated, but it lets you know if the price, stock quantity, product type, product description and other details have been changed. It will soon be able to monitor checkout store changes, but here is a list of events that it does monitor for your store:

list of WooCommerce events

To sum it up, on their site they give you a great overview of the Detailed Activity Log for WooCommerce.

As you can see, this is a highly detailed activity log plugin. Not only does it provide information that can help you keep your clients WooCommerce store secure, but it also helps to improve and ensure user accountability to help keep the store compliant.

You can learn more over on the WP Activity Log site.

You can learn more about this plugin and how it came to be by listening to this podcast with the founder of WP Activity Log, Robert Abela.

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