Woo Product Developers Who Are Scratching Their Own Itch

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I cannot tell you how many times we have heard this from Woo builders on the podcast.

They don’t always come out I say, I needed to scratch my own itch, but often when they share how the product evolved, it was some kind of an itch. Maybe it was something they heard over and over again from customers. Or perhaps a more singular incident when they were building out a site for a client. Or simply stated, they were finding their way to becoming a WooCommerce developer.

Often those who did end up productizing were doing client work and the scratching took them into the product world. In fact, some looked at it as seeing the perfect product they would use. Not all, but some.

A Mistake Many Plugin Developers Make

This leads me to a post from my friend Chris Lema. He starts his story with a great analogy on visiting a paint store. And it leads into this.

The mistake product developers make…

….I’m talking about “scratching our own itch,” a sentiment that we hear about all the time as motivation for product development.


How about I leave it at that? Truth is, his post is very succinct and I don’t want to give it all away his final point. If you are a product builder in the Woo space, I would recommend you taking a few minutes and checking out his post.

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