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Woo Event: A Chat About the Value of Meetups for Developers with David Bisset and Alicia St. Rose

There are numerous WooCommerce meetups throughout the world, and dozens and dozens of WordPress meetups.

Each has their own flavor. Some are focused on bloggers. Other freelancers. Or perhaps merchants. And, yes, developers. But the nugget out there for you isn’t always what you think. We tend to gravitate towards like-minded topics. Or find those that match our skill level.

The fact is, there are opportunities for learning, growth and connecting everywhere no matter what you do.

If you are a WooCommerce (or WordPress) developer and have been hesitant in either attending a meetup, co-organizing, or starting one up, you need to hear me chat with Alicia St. Rose and David Bisset.

Alicia is a WordPress developer and coach that works with WooCommerce. She participates in numerous WordPress and WooCommerce meetups and started her own in Santa Barbara called the South Central Cost WordPress Adventure Group.

David is a developer and a long-time community leader in the space. He founded WordCamp Miami and is the co-organizer for the South Florida WordPress meetup group. He is also involved in numerous WordPress events.

Join us as this is guaranteed to be a fun and insightful live discussion.

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