Woo Builder Events Morph Into the Do the Woo Podcast

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I wish I could have found an appropriate quote that would sum this up, but my day isn’t going to fit in a “google it” session.

It’s All Do the Woo Podcast Now

Early in March we launched the Woo Builder Community Events, and since then have had some great interviews and chats with builders from the ecosystem. These were all streamed live and was really my first foray into doing live streams. Since then I have learned several lessons and now have a better plan moving forward.

The Current Events Are Now Podcast Episodes

I’m not going to fill a long post of how I came to this decision, but instead will simply share with you that those events are not going away. The Woo Roundtable and Woo BizChat are now podcast episodes only. No video, just audio. Some of you may not even notice as I repurposed these events into a podcast already. So in the end, a minor change.

Two new topical episodes will be included, one being Woo Perspectives and another one yet to be named. You will be hearing more about those laster. As a result you will be getting a Do the Woo podcast episode twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, regularly. This will all be solidified in the next couple of months.

What About Live Events?

This isn’t the end of any possibility of streamed live events moving forward. But right now rather than give you general promises, be patient, and the best way to keep on top of that is to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

What About the Woo Builder Community Events?

Whether you know it or not, we have a meetup page for our events. This will be transforming into more of a traditional online meetup vs. streamed events. Again, no details of what I will be doing there, but join the group to keep updated.

At the end of the day, this means that we are not having any less conversations with the Woo Builder community. Just working out the kinks to make sure you get quality conversation.

Last note. It was obvious that this post wasn’t about why this change has been made. I figured most people wouldn’t be in the mood to hear the technical challenges that we faced around live streaming. But if you are thinking of live streaming yourself, or curious on what thinking went on behind this decision, contact me here, DM me on Twitter or DM me on the WooCommerce, WordPress or Post Status slack.

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