Woo Blocks, ACF, WC-Admin and New Woo Mobile App

Do the Woo - A Podcast for WooCommerce Builders
Do the Woo - A Podcast for WooCommerce Builders
Woo Blocks, ACF, WC-Admin and New Woo Mobile App

In episode 11 of the Do the Woo Podcast, Brad, BobWP and special guest Jonathan Martin have a conversation about:

  • WooCommerce blocks is now a featured plugin with 6 new blocks
  • ACF vs. Gutenberg blocks for WooCommerce
  • Wc-admin 0.5.9 release
  • The new Woo mobile app

An Intro to Jonathan

Our guest Jonathan Martin, founder of Coolblueweb talks about his agency and how it started.

We talk about the newest WooCommerce block, how that it is now a featured plugin on WordPress, it having first come out as a grid with categories being the only filter. Now you can filter using these blocks: best- selling products, top-rated products, newest products and on-sale products. Two additional blocks, feature products and products by attribute will be added by the end of January.

AFC blocks vs. Gutenberg blocks for Woo

Jonthan and Brad, as agency owners, talk more in depth about creating blocks for WooCommerce, either as Gutenberg blocks or ACF (advanced customer field) blocks.

Wc-admin v. 0.5.9 release

Since none of us have dabbled in this yet, we shared how those who are interested can learn about the latest updates.

New Woo Mobile App

We dive into the new mobile app and share some of what we are seeing. The new app, both for iOS and Android, has some key features around tracking, managing orders and real-time order alerts. It will be interesting to see what future features are added.

Our Tool Picks


I asked our guest, Jonathan, what is new with him and his recently launched new site, which is currently in beta. VerifyWP.com is the ideal tool to help you quickly access every applicant to uncover the best WordPress developers for your organization. Whether you are an agency, or looking for a good developer within your company, check it out.

He also shared an upcoming Expert Agency Mastermind that he is helping to organize in Atlanta, GA, Feb. 11-13.Attendance is capped at 40. It will bring together WordPress and WooCommerce agency owners to share strategies and best practices.

Bob – WooCommerce Customizer plugin

This plugin comes from my friends at Skyverge and lets you customize cart button text, tab titles, product buttons and a lot more, all without having to know code. You can see the plugin over on WordPress.org or check out the post we wrote on it.

Brad – Metorik

Metorik gives you the data you need to run your WooCommerce store effectively. It includes real-time reports, infinite segmentation, product insights, customer tools, email automation and more.