What’s Coming to the Do the Woo Podcast in 2020

Do the Woo - A Podcast for WooCommerce Builders
Do the Woo - A Podcast for WooCommerce Builders
What's Coming to the Do the Woo Podcast in 2020

The times the they are changing. But for the better. With weekly shows, two new co-hosts and a deep focus of the WooCommerce community, 2020 is all about the people of Woo.

In episode 33 of our podcast, the last show of the year, we highlight some major changes in the podcast— and on the entire site. It’s an exciting time as we shift our WooCommerce focus here.

WooCommerce Community, Conversation and News

The podcast topics and format will stay similar to what you are used to: conversations with people in the WooCommerce space and coverage of Woo-related news. The shift in the site will be similar, primarily covering news from and around the WooCommerce space.

Going Weekly with Two New Co-Hosts

We move from a twice-a-month show to weekly in 2020. Brad Williams will continue to co-host with me twice a month, but we have two new co-hosts filling the other two spots.

Jonathan WoldCommunity Lead for WooCommerce

Mendel KurlandDeveloper Advocate at Liquid Web

I know both Jonathan and Mendel, and they are going to bring great perspectives to the podcast. I cannot wait to co-host with these three and feel confident that some rich conversations are in store for you, our listeners, in 2020.

Woo News

This is not new to the podcast, but it is for the site. Over the next few months it will develop into the source to keep you on top of what is happening in the WooCommerce community.

Aside from the podcast, news will come at you in the form of posts, Friday roundup posts and our newsletter, Do the Woo News.

I will be curating a lot of this content myself, but I do encourage news submissions. Although we will not be able to publish everything, you can visit the submission page to learn more.

Friends of Do the Woo

We will continue to have sponsors who help us bring you the weekly podcasts. But for the time and resources it takes for production and marketing of the podcast, as well as gathering news, writing content and all those other little expenses that come with running a website, we are asking for your support as a Friend of Do the Woo. Your picture or logo will be part of a gallery directory that will lead to a bio that others can view.

I hope you will truly consider supporting us by being a Friend of Do the Woo. Help us make this the go-to source for the WooCommerce community.

What About the Existing Content on BobWP?

If you are wondering where all our Woo tutorials and posts are, they will continue to exist on this site. In fact, we are continuing to do tutorial posts on our site.