What Would You Like to See in a WooCommerce Builder Meetup?

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When I started the WooCommerce Community Builder Meetup we were streaming live events with conversations of builders in the community.

Over time I realized that as I was publishing them as podcasts as well, it seemed to better serve our audience to integrate them into the podcast stream only. So that ended the live events.

Time for a Traditional Meetup

Since we had spent sometime building up the group on Meetup.com, I figured I wouldn’t just drop it. So instead, we are taking it back to the more traditional WooCommerce meetup but keeping it online. As a result it has been in a bit of a limbo as I contemplate its future.

A Meetup for the Community

The fact is that all the content created here is community-drive in some shape or form. Which should also be the case for the meetup. So on Thursday, July 29, 10 am PDT, we are having A Meetup About the WooCommerce Builder Meetup. Kind of meta, huh?

What this means is that I am inviting the community to join me and share what they would like to see with the meetup going forward. I’m not a mind-reader. I can guess based on my own experience what you may want. But screw that. I want to hear it from you.

So, hope you can join us and share your ideas.

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