What Happens To WooCommerce Products When I Change WordPress Themes?

One of the biggest questions I always hear from a lot of beginner builders when creating sites with Woo is what happens to their content when they change the theme.

In reality, your products are similar to content, kind of. Let me explain.

Custom Post Types

When you use WooCommerce to create a product, you create it using a custom post type. As you may know, this information is all stored in your database, same place your posts and pages are stored. So as long as you keep using that plugin, not matter what theme you use, it’s going to still be there.

WooCommerce and Theme Relationship

Now the other piece to consider. Will your the theme play well with WooCommerce. From experience, I have found that with WooCommerce, more and more theme work well with it out of the box. A lot of people prefer to start with Storefront and work on customizing it. The best idea is to ask around to other devs you know, or if you can, test the theme.

But Your Products May Not Look the Same

What I mean here is that the product or download page may look different. Why? Same reason as a lot of other things that happen when you change your theme. The style of the new theme will now kick in and things might look a bit off.

Let’s look at a few examples.

Changing the Theme with WooCommerce

Here is a product page using the Storefront theme for WooCommerce. Since this is a theme from Woo, of course we are good to go.

product using storefront and woocommerce

Now here it is after installing the Genesis WooCommerce connect plugin with the Genesis child theme Smart Passive Income Pro. As you can see, things still look good, just the styling is a bit different (fonts, size, etc).

using woocommerce with genesis child theme

And lastly, here is what it looks like when I changed to the default Twenty Seventeen theme.

woocommerce with twenty seventeen theme

As I mentioned before, your products didn’t go anywhere. And the bit of change you see in your styling will also been seen on the product archive page and other WooCommerce related pages.

Two More Thoughts About Themes and Products

This is only an example when using WooCommerce and limited themes. As they say, results may vary.

The first thing to be aware of beyond what I have talked about so far is there could be other issues. For example, if your theme already has some kind of product feature built into it, and it doesn’t require that you install an WooCommerce, well, likely that info would be stored inside of the themes database, and if you were to change, all of that would disappear with your theme. I cannot give you an example of a theme that does this, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they did not exist.

Secondly, how the products are display could also be partly due to the theme’s homepage or if you are using a page builder. The layout and presentation will be theme centric and by changing themes, you could lose this. But to explain further. Say you have this cool theme and it lets you display your WooCommerce products on the homepage in a unique way. You set that up. But if you do change themes, you lose that option to display. But since you are using WooCommerce, you don’t lose your products. You will just need to setup the homepage with your existing products with your new theme.

Same goes for page builders. They will allow to to create custom product pages and if you choose to no longer use the page builder, you will lose that custom page. But any content you created for the product via WooCommerce, that will still be there.

What If I Change My Theme To Another eCommerce Plugin?

This is another question you may have. And as you can guess, if you were to just deactivate one eCommerce plugin and install another, well, yes, you products will go away. But be rest assured that many eCommerce plugin will allow you to export and import products. And often this can work between plugins. But since each plugin is different and there are so many variables around products such as how the descriptions are set up, plus the kind of product it is and other options you may have attached to that product, well, make sure and do your homework before you make that switch. It may be a lot more work than you anticipated or choose to do.

What About the Product Images?

As far as your actual image, likely it will have been uploaded and stored in your media library. So there are no worries about those going away. But you would always want to double-check. How and where you images are displayed, will likely change with the new theme. If your theme has theme-specific galleries, that may be another matter and the images may not be stored in the media library. So you will want to make sure you know what is in your library and what isn’t.

The most important thing to remember is whenever you do change themes, and this does not only matter with product images, but all of your images, run a plugin like Regenerate Thumbnails. This will help your images in your new theme not to become blurry or distorted.

And Always Backup

Hopefully this post has set your mind at ease or has given you a better idea of what to expect when changing your theme on your eCommerce site. If your host has staging or you use a backup plugin, that’s even better as you can move your site there and test out your new theme. But whatever direction you choose to go, always make sure you backup everything before you starting poking around on your site to make a change like this.

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