Let’s All Welcome Noëlle Steegs to the Do the Woo Podcast Team

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Do the Woo - WooCommerce News
Let's All Welcome Noëlle Steegs to the Do the Woo Podcast Team

One of the things I have learned over the last 6 years of podcasting is that having a co-host is awesome. There is so much that comes out of a conversation and they bring their own observations and perspectives to each show. Brad Williams started as my co-host back in May of 2018. Then, when I went to weekly in January 2020, Mendel Kurland and Jonathan Wold joined the team.

Meet Noëlle – Co-host of Woo Perspectives

In late 2020 I added another twist to the Do the Woo Podcast and called it Woo Perspectives. It was a bit random at first, but since has grown into a regular episode every other Tuesday. I was the solo host, but I really missed having someone by my side. It was time to solve that problem.

I first heard Noëlle on WooCommerce Live with my co-host Jonathan. Since then I have watched her over there, but also invited her as a guest of Do the Woo. Well, one thing led to another and I was delighted when she accepted my invitation to join the Woo team.

An Emerging WooCommerce Developer

Noëlle is on that journey of starting by doing a lot of Woo sites using page builders all the way to looking at a deeper understanding of development.

When asked how does she Do the Woo, she replied, “in quite a few different ways.”

She went on to explain:

I think my favorite way is adding new WooCommerce functionality to existing eCommerce sites, upping the complexity, making sure that the user experience gets improved or that my client has less admin to do.

For example, making suggestions for that. I do full eCommerce and non eCommerce web development projects as well. And sometimes other web developers approach me who are not that experienced with WooCommerce yet. I guide them on their journey, which is something I really enjoy.”

I don’t want to give away everything, so when you have a chance, go and listen to her show.

And tune in to all of the Woo Perspective episodes to hear Noëlle and I Do the Woo.

I am really looking forward to having Noëlle on the hosting team.

She offers a lot of her time to the Woo community and is an asset to the Woo ecosystem. Welcome, Noëlle.

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