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Visit WooCommerce at WordCamp Europe

WordCamp Europe is virtual this year and runs June 5-6. This is giving a lot of people the opportunity to experience a WordCamp that they would not normally attend. It promises to be a unique experience with interaction in networking rooms and conversations with sponsors.

Visit WooCommerce

Several of the WooCommerce team, including Woo leaders are going to be there. On Friday, at 15:00 UTC, there will be an AMA (Ask Me Anything) which is the perfect time to get those answers to your questions.

But it doesn’t end there. Also on Friday they will have a special presentation in a Sponsor area that will include news from WooCommerce, and two talks about Scaling WooCommerce and Customizing the WooCommerce Checkout.

On Saturday, there will be a deeper dive into those sessions from Friday.

And do not forget to visit Woo’s virtual booth. It will be open from 13:00 -17:00 UTC on both Friday and Saturday, with dedicated breakout rooms for Merchants and Developers.

You can see more the the details for those two days here.

Thanks to our current Community Sponsors