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Updated Guide for WooCommerce Extension Developers

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Updated Guide for WooCommerce Extension Developers

Building extensions for WooCommerce has become more and more popular, especially over the last year or so. And to help those builders, WooCommerce has updated their guide for extensions.

WooCommerce Developer Extension Guide

The fact that the WooCommerce environment contains lots of moving parts and functionality brings an added challenge for the builder. This requires familiarity with a number of different programming languages and several cutting-edge technologies.

The newly updated extension developer guide pulls together the important aspects of key concepts, documentation, and examples from across a number of resources that comprise WooCommerce Core and its supporting packages.

The guide includes sections covering a number of topics, but it is not meant to provide a comprehensive breakdown of everything that developers can do with WooCommerce.

Of course they are looking for feedback and suggestions as they continue to grow this resource, so reach out to them in the #developers channel of the WooCommerce Community Slack.

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