Travel, Accessibility and WooCommerce

Do the Woo - A Podcast for WooCommerce Builders
Do the Woo - A Podcast for WooCommerce Builders
Travel, Accessibility and WooCommerce

Dale Reardon is legally blind and a passionate advocate for equality, anti-discrimination and disability rights and equality. He also advocates for accessible web design and has a particular hatred for graphical captchas that frustrates him and so many others.

In episode 29 of our podcast, I am chatting with Dale Reardon about his new site for travelers, accessibility, his experiences with WooCommerce, and some odds and ends.

Travel and Accessibility

I started out by asking Dale about his new site, Travel For All. It’s a very cool site:

Travel For All will be a “TripAdvisor for Accessible and Inclusive Travel”, incorporating a community and providing detailed accessible travel information. Travelers with accessibility needs will have access to trusted, verified and complete information to plan, book and experience travel with confidence.

He chats about why he decided to create it and how it came from his own personal experiences. For example, think of this. If you have a guide dog, you need an accessible grassy area.

Dale then explains how this is quite widespread and that properties often give blanket statements around how accessible their rooms and building are, and from surveys he has taken, this is not the case in a lot of situations.

As a site that originally was designed to help travelers, it will also be a great tool and resource to tourism operators, Dale adds.

Using WooCommerce and the New WordPress Editor

Dale has used WooCommerce on many of his sites and will be using it on his newest one as well. I ask his take on what he has found and any possible limitations or challenges he might face. And as a site owner who does a lot of the work himself on his sites, he shares what he still seeks help for or looks to for keeping his site up and running.

I cannot pass up the opportunity to ask Dale if he is using the newest editor, and what his thoughts are on related to accessibility.

Domino’s Accessibility Lawsuit

Dale gives us some insights into the Domino’s accessibility lawsuit. I thought it would be great to get his perspective on it.

WooSesh State of the Woo

And I round out the podcast by sharing some cool stats on WooCommerce that came out of the State of the Woo and Paul’s presentation, including the number of stores using WooCommerce, as well as their forecasted gross merchandise volume.

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