BigCommerce with Topher DeRosia

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Do the Woo - WooCommerce Podcast, Community and News
BigCommerce with Topher DeRosia

In episode 26, Brad Williams is joined by Topher DeRosia with BigCommerce. BobWP wasn’t able to join the conversation but, of course, Brad pulled it off without any hitches.

Brad chats with Topher about what headless eCommerce is, how the integration with WordPress has gone so far, PCI compliance and what is in store for BigCommerce in the upcoming months.

Brad and Topher go in several other directions so you will want to listen to the show.

Topher and BigCommerce

Topher starts with an overview of BigCommerce. He shares some insights into what was lacking with BigCommerce as a SaaS product and how their customers wanted integration with WordPress.

Brad talks about the popularity of headless WordPress sites, including eCommerce sites. Topher talks more about what headless really means and why BigCommerce is a headless solution. Brad takes it from there and digs deeper into the headless topic.

Brad asks how the move of BigCommerce into the WordPress integration has played out. It’s interesting to hear where Topher has seen the biggest area of growth.

Next they move a bit into PCI compliance and share their own experiences with it. This leads into the benefit of BigCommerce and the benefit of not having to worry about ongoing compliance.

They end with a few odds and ends that you can check out in the show, including BigCommerce 100% supporting CBD products. Brad notes that they were chatting BigCommerce on a WooCommerce podcast. But as Topher and Brad suggest, it all depends on your needs and which option is best for you.