The Smart Voices of WooCommerce, They are Everywhere

I have been meeting so many people in the the WordPress and WooCommerce space for quite sometime. With WordPress, it started in 2007. WooCommerce started at its inception in 2011. And in every nook and cranny of both ecosystems lie some very smart people. In fact a lot of them.

Raising the Voices

As I have mentioned before, the main objective of Do the Woo is raising the voices of those in the community. The fact that a lot of smart people exist, well, it should be obvious. But there are a couple of things I would like to touch on.

Smart voice are not always the vocal influencers

When I look for guests, I don’t seek out those who have the most followers or the most influence. Sure, by nature, some of those in the Woo and WordPress space will make their way in as a guest only because they are just part of the smart people. But I have been fortunate to find many individuals that are less heard of. Or perhaps, have no desire to be “known”. But they do creative stuff. They are building incredible products. And yes they are smart.

Once someone told me, everyone has story to tell. This was about 20 years ago. And that’s the truth. But also they have experience, insights, perspectives and knowledge to share. When you are looking to connect with that next person in the space, don’t gravitate towards those who are the “groovy peeps”. When you share content or thoughts via social, don’t always kiss up to the influencers nor stick to your own little peer group where you scratch each others back. Honestly, you can still do that. Just don’t only do that.

And lastly, take the time to have some conversations with those you don’t know. Those who are finding their way in the space. Trust me, from experience I can tell you that those connections will make you richer and wiser.

A smart group of co-hosts

On the same track. I am extremely lucky to have such a talented and smart group of co-hosts. And you know what? They volunteer their time to help me grow this builder community. I must admit that my podcast is unique in the sense that it does not only bring new and veteran people from the space to tell their story and expertise, but the mix of co-hosts I have elevate the diversity in each conversation.

When I sat out to step back and elevate other voices, I had no idea of what it would bring to the podcast. But the result is something that I even admit is above the average podcast. If I was into permeations, I cannot guess the number of combinations we have had with the mix of guests and cohosts. Each one brings their own individuality, knowledge, perspective and insights to each single show. And yes, their voice and smarts as well. I feel truly blessed to have such a group of individuals leading the podcasts direction.

Why did I share this all with you?

Honestly, I am proud of this community. But also, I hope you take heed with the fact that it truly is the WordPress way to raise the voice of the ecosystem. Find your groove and do your small part. I did and I am.

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